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Gold demand strong; predicted prices around $2000

May 16, 2011


Gold temporarily succeeded to recover some of the losses from the sizeable sell-off in early May, but fell back late Friday to end the week unchanged.

Bearish sentiment constrained gold to a weekly low of around $1479 on Thursday. However, the metal found good support at its 15-week uptrend line and rebounded, temporarily at least, back above $1500.

Physical demand for gold has raised in the Far East and Asia. Despite the 5% correction seen at the start of the month analysts continue to predict prices around the $2000 level at least by next year.

“Since the start of May, physical gold demand has been strong,” said Walter de Wet, an analyst at Standard Bank Plc in London.“While consistent physical buying interest has come from India specifically, we are witnessing a broader interest from Asia in general.”

Central banks are worth another mention as more of them look to purchase gold, with the surplus earning countries leading the way. Figures issued by the World Gold Council (WGC) show there were no transactions of gold bullion by central banks in February and March. The WGC‘s data confirm gold bullion purchases by Mexico, Thailand and Russia.

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