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Chile Earthquake Today – Terremoto Felt in Santiago

June 1, 2011


Chile Earthquake Today, Terremoto, Felt in Santiago

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – – Chile was struck by a 6.4 earthquake today. Chile’s earthquake or terremoto was felt in Santiago and struck during the morning rush hour. Today’s temblor is the latest powerful earthquake to strike the country this year. No reports of damage or injury today have been given.

Today’s earthquake activity in Chile produced the highest quake in the region in recent weeks. In April, Chile experienced two major earthquakes with hours of each other. On April 2, a moderate 5.1 quake struck forty-one miles south of San Antonio, Valparaiso. That temblor was followed hours later by an earthquake registering a 5.9 magnitude, centered eighty-three miles east of Iquique in the Tarapaca region stuck.

Like the April earthquakes, today’s temblor struck during the early morning hours reports local news. But it remains unknown by local news (noticias) whether today’s quake was also felt in nearby Peru as was the case in April.

Chile Earthquake Maps Today
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Today’s quake was centered sixty miles south of Concepcion, roughly one hundred miles north of Temuco. The quake was also roughly three hundred miles south of Santiago and less than two hundred miles north of Valdivia reports local news.

This year, Chile has been experiencing a series of quakes over 6.0 in magnitude. On February 27, the country was hit shortly before 10:30 PM with a 6.0 magnitude temblor. That earthquake struck on the one year anniversary of country’s deadly 8.8 earthquake. Hundreds of people died and thousands lost everything during the quake on February 28, 2010. Days earlier, on February 11, the country suffered an earthquake registering a 6.1.

The country has experienced a series of even more powerful earthquakes this decade. In 2007, residents experienced a 7.7 earthquake on November 14, centered in Chile’s northern region.

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