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Former head of Israel’s National Security Council (NSC): “Israel Prepares for War with Egypt in Sinai Desert”

August 22, 2011


The former head of Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) urges military action by the regime in the Sinai Peninsula, following growing tensions with Egypt.

Uzi Dayan told Israel’s Channel 7 on Friday that Israeli military and security forces should prepare for a period different from the past in dealing with the new Egyptian government.

He claimed that the military effort would aim to target those that represent a threat to the Israeli regime.

“This is the time for the Israeli army to prevail its control inside Sinai,” Dayan went on to say.

Israeli troops are banned from entering the Sinai Peninsula under a 1979 peace treaty with Egypt.

Tensions have escalated between Cairo and the Tel Aviv regime after Israeli soldiers killed several Egyptian military and security personnel on Thursday.

Dayan also revealed that a meeting was held in the presence of Israeli Army Chief of Staff Benny Jants last week to discuss issues related to Sinai Peninsula but he did not elaborate on details of the talks.

Stressing on preserving the US-sponsored peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, he proclaimed that Israeli officials should “maintain the security of their civilians whilst ensuring that no tensions between Israel and Egypt escalate.”

Israeli military must “respond strongly by pursuing the terrorists and to inform the Egyptian government that we may militarily intervene in Sinai” to prevent the Israeli border from becoming a vulnerable zone for militant attacks.

On Saturday, Egypt decided to withdraw its ambassador to Tel Aviv as relations between the two governments remain strained.

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