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Hello world!

December 17, 2010 1 comment

Hello all and thank you for stopping by!  The times of today are unparalleled to that of any time in human history.  Unemployment, starvation, sickness, and crime are just a few things that most people are concerned about.  Unfortunately these are only the beginning of worries of events to come, however, there is a bright side to these dark times.  The first thing to remember is that God loves you and he wants for you to repent so that he can live in you and shower you with blessings.  It was foretold in the Bible  that these times were coming and I truly feel that we are on the doorstep of these prophetic events.  I can only pray that you are touched by the blogs I write as I will speculate with only the truth.  Don’t believe me look it up for yourself!

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