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The Deadly Sun

January 14, 2011

Often we think of the deadly nature with the sun as one of fire and heat but the opposite can be true as well. If the sun doesn’t produce enough heat we on earth can can freeze – there is massive evidence of this in our geological record. Also think of how cold the planets in our own solar system get the further away from the sun they are.

Whilst scientists in some fields in recent decades want to play down the effects of the sun on the earth’s climate our climate history shows it plays a huge role. The sun typically has an 11 year cycle of sunspot activity which can extend and become quieter or contract and become more busy. History tells us when it is low in sunspots (typically a long cycle) then the world cools. At the moment Solar Cycle 24 is extending and losing it’s sunspots.

According to the Laymans Sunspot Count the sun today is again balnk of any sunspots. As we extend into solar cycle 24 we can get more of an idea of the anticipated peak of the cycle as it typically follows a curve when the sunspot number is smoothed (averaged). Looking at the graph of the sun from Layman’s Sunspot count website we see;

What we are witnessing in Solar Cycle 24 is a sunspot cycle that could peak as low as 30 – 35. It is currently tracking below Solar Cycle 5 which was part of a cold period on earth that correlated with the Dalton Minimum. We also find the sunspots are reducing in Size as well. Over at Solarcycle24 the discussion over Livingston & Penn’s theory that we are heading towards no sunspots by 2015 seems to be holding up.

We also see that with Solarcycle24 that solar flux and solar wind are low as well. What does all this mean? Well Henry Svensmark postulated that low sunspot numbers correlate with more cosmic rays hitting the earth. These cosmic rays mean more hydrogen in our atmosphere which interact with oxygen to make more water vapour and more cloudiness. This means lower temperatures and more rain/snow. As this is happening whilst we are in a cold pacific decadel oscillation and a strong La Nina (both cooling signals) then the recent flooding around the world (Australia, Brazil, India etc) and freezing snowstorms (Europe, UK, Russia, Asia, America) all start to make sense.

Additionally as we are at the beginning of these cycles then we are looking at potentially another 1 – 2 decades at least of colder wetter weather. The problem is whilst global warming ideology rules our governments and the UN directs their policies we the people are going to keep getting caught unprepared for what we should expect, whilst those in power keep squandering our prosperity on what was never proven (global warming) and wont eventuate. Unless this situation changes we can expect more floods, more cold, more snow and more disruption, shutdowns, damage and death as a result.

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