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Simplest and Scariest Answer for the Current Pole Flip

January 22, 2011

Why I believe the south pole has been moving away from the geographical southern position (technically, its the actual magnetic north pole that is currently down there right now) and why the magnetic north pole (technically the south magnetic pole) has wobbled so much and is now bending down.

We are headed for the event horizon of our galaxy. We are headed for the Mayan dark rift.

This is why we have magnetic pole reversals. The sun changes its poles on a regular basis due to its internal matrix. The earth has a slower system, a lethargic system, to where only great magnetic changes can affect it.

The event horizon of a black hole or of a galaxy that comes from its central black hole is magnetically charged.

It is north polarized in this section, and as we approach it, the south pole, (the true magnetic north pole), is naturally repulsed by it, so it has been steadily moving upwards and away from the event horizon, or 2012 mayan rift.

The north pole, (or magnetic south pole), is naturally attracted to this force since opposite poles attract. But because of its current placement, it has to fight the magnetic forces of the current south pole. Thus, like magnets pushed together with same poles, it wobbles, until, finally, it can be pulled on by a force stronger than the repulsion of the nearest smaller force. In other words, the north pole is now no longer wobbling. It is headed in the direction of the greatest attractive force, the galactic event horizon, which is south of us, and the greatest lump of it, is pulling at us from an angle.

When we get closer to the event horizon or dark rift, the north pole will be pulled down while the south pole will be pushed up and away. It is then that the planet’s core will feel an enormous tug, and major earthquakes will hit the planet. This magnetic event is being played out before our very eyes, and may be completed in the following months, up to three years, but it seems to have speeded up and may happen before 2012.

If this theory holds up, we should see Jupiter and the other gas giants moving out of their place towards the south of our solar system, using the Earth’s orientation to determine south and north. In other words, the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn should already be showing signs of dipping toward the Galactic Event Horizon to our south, or will show these signs a few minutes before our poles flip, unless they have already flipped, in which case, the dip in their orbits should already be showing.

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