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Evidence of a False Solar Flare Cover Story for GPS system failure

February 12, 2011

A solar flare cover story was used to explain worldwide GPS satellite system failure, Dec 2006. A GPS failure actually caused by a shift of the earth’s axis which misaligned the entire system…

NGDC (a division of NOAA) has stated that a solar flare of epic proportions occurred on Dec 5 & 6, 2006 and knocked down the world GPS satellite system as shown in this article on their website (Dec 5th 2006 at 10:18 UT  X9 solar flare.)

Yet, neither the solar flare or the GPS failure were mentioned until April 2007 according to this April 4, 2007 news release by NOAA (GPS significantly impacted by powerful solar radio burst.)

It is virtually impossible to believe that not one of the space agencies, observatories, astronomers, astrophysicists, meteorologists or other scientists mentioned a word about this supposed “historic” solar flare for 4 months. It is inconceivable to believe that every scientist in the world kept their silence about a historic solar flare for 4 months as described in the NOAA news release, then only after all of these academic, government and private sector scientists attended the very first meeting of the “Space Weather Enterprise Forum” in April 2006, was this supposed historic solar flare story released to the public as an explanation for the December 2005 failure of the GPS system.

This NOAA news release states:

“During an unprecedented solar eruption last December, researchers at Cornell University confirmed solar radio bursts can have a serious impact on the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other communication technologies using radio waves. The findings were announced Wednesday in Washington, D.C., at the first Space Weather Enterprise Forum ‹an assembly of academic, government and private sector scientists focused on examining the Earth’s ever-increasing vulnerability to space weather impacts.”

I happen to know something about GPS systems. As a senior staff engineering manager, I’ve been working with GPS since 1993 and other timing systems like Loran C, long before that. Failure of the GPS systems would affect more critical systems across the globe than the general public can imagine.

For example: Military weapons guidance & targeting systems, telephone switching systems, cell phone systems, mapping & locator systems, Aircraft guidance, Air traffic control systems, banking & financial systems, Law enforcement leg band tracking systems, Law enforcement and intelligence tracking devices for vehicles & surveillance targets, TomTom’s, mainframe computer systems… just to name a few.

GPS system failure is no small matter especially when it involves tracking and guidance for military, intelligence and law enforcement applications. It means they were blind and primarily defenseless except for the most rudimentary systems which do not use GPS. Computers and phone systems using GPS for timing and synchronization would be ok for about 24 hours before the timing and sync started drifting. The longer the GPS timing was down, the more the systems would drift out of sync. Without proper synchronization and timing, the interconnecting of systems like computers, phones, ATM’s, banking, etc., would have serious functional problems.

I’m not the least bit surprised that the world governments suppressed the release of info concerning the failure of the GPS system. If I were in their shoes, I would have suppressed the system failure as well. (But I would not have made up a lie as a cover-up. That is where they always make their mistake. Constantly lying to the public. If the gov’t can’t tell the truth then they should say nothing at all. Anything is better than the lies upon lies our government has been built upon.

I have a problem with the reason and manner in which they are blaming this false catastrophic solar flare story to explain this global GPS failure. Let’s expose the lie to uncover the truth.

  • ·         Why did it take 4 months to release the information? Was the GPS system in trouble for 4 months? Did it take that long to fix it? Or did it take that long to get the global scientists on board with the solar flare cover story? Amazing how this news was timed for the conclusion of that very first meeting of that new scientific forum. (I get these invitations to forums like this all the time, but I usually toss them. Perhaps I should start attending? It’s not cheap. It usually runs a few thousand dollars to attend one of these forums.)
  • ·         None of the data on the solar emissions and solar imagery for the date of the supposed historic solar flare supports this claim. In fact, what data and images they neglected to remove, clearly show that there was NO solar flare as this NOAA article claims. And yes, I have made sure that I checked everything in the same UTC to ensure the dates and times are all in sync.
  • ·         If there really was a solar flare, why did NASA and SOHO go to so much trouble to remove all evidence of the solar emissions and solar imagery for the date of the supposed historic flare? You would have thought they would have been on TV the next day bragging about it and showing off their images and data. It would not make any sense for them to remove all of this data and imagery if it were genuine. But for those few records and images they missed which show this flare never occurred. In fact, the solar emissions for the end of Dec 2006 and Jan 2007 were many times stronger than the remaining records are showing for the “date of the supposed flare.”
  • ·         I spent a lot of time and research locating those solar emission data records and images I was able to recover for the date of the supposed flare. None of the data supports the story of a historic flare or flare of any kind. What info they did have, was inserted after the fact. It was my finding the data they missed which made me the target of malicious assaults trying to bully me into silence. They missed the info, but I posted it and made it public and put the puzzle back together.
  • ·         So the question is: what caused the global GPS failure if it wasn’t a flare? Weather satellite images show a shifting of the earth within the satellite imagery template. It was 6 months later that I first noticed the angle of the sun being too far north. A shift of the earth would have misaligned the position of the GPS satellites because they would not have shifted with the earth. Thus, a software patch program would have been needed to correct the variance in the GPS readings to produce the original positioning readings. They may have needed more than one patch and software upgrade to get the GPS readings back to normal. A similar software patch and realignment of the templates would have also corrected the weather satellite imagery to make it appear to be back in sync as well.
  • ·         Most people imagine a shift of the earth as being some cataclysmic disaster. It is not like those disaster movies which seem to be distorting the public perception of what a shift might feel like. They cannot wrap their brains around the fact that the earth already moves 1000 miles every hour as it rotates. You don’t feel the rotation any more than you would feel this shift of between 1000-2000 miles in distance. This is not like a funhouse ride. The earth is floating in space… not riding a rail.  If you stick with the rotation distance and speed, that should help you understand to some degree why you wouldn’t feel this shift.
  • ·         Why would the gov’t want to hide a shift in the earth’s axis? Because people panic and become animals. For those of us who prefer the truth and can handle it with cool heads, I’m providing all of the information, data and imagery I can assemble here for you, despite the efforts of those who wish to squelch freedom of speech, freedom of information and bully us into submission. For me, any bullying and attempts to quash this information will only result in my further disseminating the information. The more they bully, the more I will post it… so it is best they leave it alone. There’s no fear the panicky masses will find this information. They don’t want to know, see or hear anything which upsets the apple cart. So the gov’ts secret is safe from them. The only people who are interested, are those few handfuls of people who place truth and knowledge above all else but have long since learned that the rest of the world doesn’t want to know, even if we hand them the truth, gold plated. Most of us have long since given up trying. So the A-retentive pitbull bullies really have nothing to worry about. The information will never become a public issue unless they make one out of it by persisting in their medieval tactics that will only backfire on them in the end.

Understanding the Public’s tendency toward Panic & mob behavior:

A good example of unbridled, riotous behavior would be the infamous power outages in NYC? Or criminal behavior during natural disasters like Katrina. (although in their case, since they weren’t getting any other help, they had to fend for themselves in getting food, clothes, medicine, baby supplies, etc. No one else was helping and those stores were flooded and would have had to dispose of their inventory anyway. People forget that they were left there to starve without any relief.)

You can’t use Orson Wells, “War of the Worlds” radio play as an example either. People didn’t panic over the knowledge of the existence of aliens. They panicked because the radio was broadcasting the utter destruction of nearby cities and communities by an invading force for which the military was helpless to stop. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel if you were living in Oakland and your only source of information “the radio” was broadcasting that San Francisco across the bay had just been attacked, thousands dead, while you could hear sounds of bombs and guns and screams going on behind the frantic voice of the reporter at the scene. If you didn’t have TV or the internet and the radio was your trusted source of news and information, you would have likely had the same concerns as  the listeners did that night.

That was a completely different scenario and situation from our gov’t saying something like “An alien ship really did crash at Roswell.” You can’t compare the two. The audience heard their primary news source reporting a violent deadly attack near their home. It would have been the very same reaction if the reported invasion force had been from another country instead of another planet. However, there is still an element of the population which goes into meltdown at the very slightest inkling of a breakdown in the order of things. Look at how people reacted over bad court rulings in LA or during just about any disaster situations. People become rioting, looting, violent mobs at the drop of a hat. It is as if their moral centers have suffered a power loss.

If you told them the axis was slipping and there was no way to correct for it… millions would go into the doomsday panic mode; stop working, stop going to school and the economy of the entire world would collapse in a matter of days. It is money and orderly society the governments, corporations and certain private groups want to protect for their own a$$es in order to maintain their control, power and money to the exclusion of all else.

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