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The Bilderberg group

February 13, 2011
Khachik Gezalyan
Clark Magnet High School Chronicle(February 9, 2011) — They plot our wars. They increase our oil prices. They caused the world economic crash. Many people associate these actions with a group known as the Bilderbergs. According to Jonathan Duffy, a writer for BBC news, the Bilderbergs consist of the world’s most powerful elite leaders — from politics, banking, business, military and media.


According to a documentary on the Bilderberg group by former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, there is a committee of seven men above the Bilderberg group. These seven men make decisions based on what they want to see happen with each country. Deciding which economies flourish and which economies collapse, these industrialists seek to set up a one-world government regulated exclusively by bloodlines, according to the Ventura documentary.

Many questions come to mind when the world’s most powerful men have been conducting meetings since 1954. People become skeptical about the topics discussed in these meetings. Ventura said that one topic among their conversations includes discussing how they can depopulate the world to 500 million people — an amount they can control.

Although just a conspiracy theory, these rumors still give us a reason to be concerned because our health can be at stake. According to author Daniel Estulin, the Bilderbergs contemplate ways they can poison our food and medicine by using the medical system.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, natural medicine advocate Rima Laibow says that the World Health Organization (WHO) believes this world has 90 percent too many people. Laibow says the WHO has been working on vaccines since 1974 to create permanent sterility. For example, some of the H1N1 vaccinations contained an immunizing agent known as squalene, which induces the immune system to attack your own organs.

If these men are indeed plotting a new world order, they must be extremely powerful, but not as powerful as us – the people. What they wouldn’t want us to know is that we have the power to raise our voices and eventually stop their devious plot.

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