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FBI Launches 1 Billion $ Biometrics Project With Lockheed Martin To Track Everyone’s Every Move

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The FBI launched this week a massive program aimed to record all citizen’s biometrics data. This will eventually enable instant surveillance and recognition of any individual walking on the street or entering a building. The 1 Billion $ deal was awarded to Lockheed Martin –  the world’s largest defence company, which is part of elite groups such as the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) and the Trilateral Commission. In short, Lockheed Martin is the official defence company of the world’s shadow government.

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Lockheed Martin is active in many aspects of government contracting. It Read more…

Strange, Second Sun Appears in the Sky at Stevenage UK; Nibiru

April 2, 2011 2 comments

I was just informed today of a strange phenomenon in the sky that occurred at Stevenage, UK March 31, 2011.  Pamela writes “I recorded it from Stevenage, UK between 17:30 and 18:00 GMT roughly. Very cloudy day with just glimpses of sun in between clouds.”  You can see this incredible event clearly at 1:10 mark on the video.  Note: Just a few weeks ago in China, a second sun was also spotted in the sky that took news media by storm.  Thanks Pamela!