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India’s Army Could Receive WMD-Resistant Gear

May 13, 2011


Russia announced that it would provide its military with these suits earlier this month.

India’s army could receive new gear designed to provide protection against chemical, biological or nuclear materials, the Press Trust of India reported on Wednesday (see GSN, April 26).

Kanpur’s Defense Material and Stores Research Development Establishment “has developed a new NBC or nuclear-biological-chemical suit that would be proved effective against any kind of dangerous weapons or chemicals and protect soldiers from any sort of attack,” agency head Arvind Kumar Saxena said.

“The organization [has] developed the chemical attack-resistant suit, but the suits necessary for the nuclear and biological war situation has not been prepared,” the official said. “The work on the biological suit is likely to be completed by 2013, whereas the preparation for the nuclear one is in the primary level.”

The army requested 40,000 of the suits after examining the product (Press Trust of India/Yahoo!News, May 11).

Meanwhile, India has approved plans for a medical center in New Delhi that would specialize in treating victims of a WMD attack, the Indian Express reported on Monday.

A supply of radioactive cobalt 60 last year sickened six people in West Delhi. The material was discovered at a scrap repository in Mayapuri (see GSN, April 26, 2010).

“It will be a 100-bed hospital. During the Mayapuri incident, the need for such a hospital was urgently felt. Once this hospital comes up, we can meet any chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear emergency without any inconvenience to the patients,” said N.K. Mohanty, medical superintendent of New Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. The new medical center is slated for construction on a parcel of land adjacent to the Safdarjung treatment site (Indian Express, May 9).

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