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Iran Moving Ahead on Venezuelan Missile Bases that Bring Miami Well Within Range

May 17, 2011


Frightening crisis evolves bearing
unsettling similarities to 1962 Cuba…
except this time facing advanced air defenses

German Newspaper Die Welthas for months been reporting surreptitious scheming between Chavez and Ahmedinijad, and the latest fruit of this most unholy alliance is now ready for us to choke-on-down.Engineers from a construction company operated by Tehran’s Republican Guards already surveyed sites back in February, and are reportedly putting into action plans for both defensive and offensive installations of Iranian missiles on the Paraguana Peninsula in the far north-west of Venezuela…

You’d have to be pretty deep in denial to not see how these ambitious despots are moving beyond the rhetoric stage with haste, bound and determined to threaten the United States militarily as well as economically… and why not: they know perfectly well that Obama’s not going to do anything, he actually seemed to harbor a man-crushon the both of them in 2009.And can you imagine these little Hitlers trying anything like this on Reagan’s watch? Say what you like about Trump, but only he and John Bolton ever even touched on this most critical issue.
I myself will not vote for anyone who I believe is not willing to put a boot on Tehran’s neck- and quick.

The enemy facilities to be built right in America’s back-yard are intended to house short-to-medium range Scuds along with the Shahab 3: that medium-ranger is basically just a hot-rodded (60 year old) Nazi V-2, but the improved fuel and boosters the Iranians have added bring the range within a hair of 2000 km-and as with the nukes, they’re still working on it (everyday).Jointly operated but with Iranian missile officers at the controls, the deal allows for “emergency” use by Venezuela… which in reality means anything that suits their purposes, as both of these Machiavellian and serially-inept regimes are primarily propped-up by “confronting” external enemies… both real and imagined.

photo: UPI
On top of that, although many were relieved when the Russian sale of the advanced S-300 air-defense system to Iran was halted following a fresh round of UN sanctions, it’s now reported the Kremlin will be selling that same system to Venezuela instead... the joint operator of the new missile bases with close ally Tehran, who can now skirt the sanctions- great!

So, this same modern, defensive Russian S-300 system that was said to make it ‘next to impossible‘ for the IDF to strike Iranian nuclear facilities will now be installed to protect the Venezuelan/Iranian missiles that directly threaten US cities… right along with regional rival Columbia or anyone else who isn’t ‘down’ with the Bolivarian revolution…

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