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Japan should have nuclear weapons: Tokyo Governor

July 23, 2011


TOKYO – Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara has criticised Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s vow to reduce dependency on atomic energy after the Fukushima disaster, saying instead the country should deepen its nuclear embrace to include weapons.

“Japan should absolutely possess nuclear weapons,” Mr Ishihara said in a July 15 interview at his office citing China and North Korea as potential threats.

“I don’t think we can easily do away with atomic power. Nuclear energy is inexpensive if managed well,” he also said.

Mr Ishihara has built a political career by taking on consensus views on everything from Japan’s pacifist constitution to economic ties with the United States, with a record of success with voters that’s withstood controversial remarks that have forced public apologies.

The 78-year-old Governor expressed regret in March after calling the earthquake and tsunami disaster “divine punishment” for the “egoism” of Japnese society. He was re-elected in April to a fourth four-year term governing Japan’s biggest and richest city. Bloomberg

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