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Big brother just got bigger

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Some employers go to extraordinary lengths to monitor their employees’ movements. RailCorp, for example, plans to introduce fingerprint scanning (otherwise known as biometrics) for employees at fixed locations, while people working on multiple sites will be tracked by the GPS on their phone.

Alex Claassens, the NSW Branch Secretary of the Rail Tram & Bus Union, told me he doesn’t believe these measures are being brought in to combat tardy employees, but he’s still concerned about “the potential for misuse of what will be personal and sensitive information.”

A host of businesses have popped up to service the insatiable demand of Read more…

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Fighter jet hoovers above Austin neighborhood

September 12, 2011 2 comments

Photo source: US Air Force

Austin, TX- At 5:46 pm Central Time on Sept 11, 2011, I received a phone call from a very reliable source that a stealth fighter jet was moving very slowly facing southeast above the Montopolis neighborhood in Austin, TX.  It was described as being unusually low to the ground around -no higher than 5 to 6 stories up.  The color was all black as it hardly made any sound.  The exact location of the sighting was at 1111 Montopolis Drive Austin, TX 78741 near the Dolores Catholic Church.  My source Read more…

Israel facing ‘diplomatic tsunami’ with Arab neighbors

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JERUSALEM — The attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo has brought into sharp relief Israel’s increasing isolation in a still region grappling with the changes of the Arab Spring.

Israel was forced to evacuate its ambassador and most of its diplomatic staff from Cairo this weekend after hundreds of Egyptian protesters tore down a security wall protecting the Nile-side embassy, ransacked its files and burned an Israeli flag. It came less than a week after Turkey, Israel’s other major ally in the Muslim world, announced it was expelling the Israeli ambassador and downgrading its relationship to the lowest possible level after a deadly skirmish involving a Turkish aid vessel that was attempting to Read more…

China: US Playing With Fire

September 12, 2011 2 comments

China ramped up the pressure on the United States not to sell advanced arms to Taiwan, with the Communist Party’s official newspaper warning that US congressmen are ‘playing with fire’ over the issue.

The Obama administration is set to decide by the end of this month whether to agree to Taiwanese requests for upgraded versions of the F-16 fighter, which the island sees as essential for countering China’s military build-up across the Taiwan Strait. But China has objected strongly to previous sales, including one worth $6.4 billion in January last year that prompted Beijing to break off high-level military ties with Washington.
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