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The Coming Apocalypse: The Pacific Ring of Fire has been Heating up over the last Two Years

February 1, 2012


IRIS Earthquake  2-Year Historic Map 2009-2011
IRIS Earthquake  2-Year Historic Map of all Quakes along the Ring of Fire from January 20, 2009 to December 17, 2011 

For those following earth changes for their relevance to the coming of the Messiah, here are two charts to comprehend.  Both are IRIS maps published by the United States Geological Services. What is most important is to notice the dates of each map, and then begin to analyze the finer data that is including in regard not just to large earthquakes but most important to the flurries of smaller quakes (purples dots) that are caused by ‘Planet Earth rocking and rolling’ as it is buffeted by the strong electromagnetic force field of Nibiru, the Dark Twin Binary Brown (Red) Star that is returning as our Sun’s Twin Solar System as an emissary of G-d’s divine judgment.

The IRIS Earthquake map below shows the number of quakes on Planet Earth for a 5 year historical period between the years of January 20, 2004 to January 20, 2009. The IRIS Earthquake map above depicts the number of earthquake for only 2 year historical period between the dates of January 9, 2009 and December 17, 2011.

Take a close look and consider what is visibly obvious of how the number of large earthquakes have become more numerous and intensive in magnitude in the two year historic picture ending in 2011 than the five year historic earthquake map that ended in 2009.

IRIS Earthquake  5-Year Historic Map 2004-2009

IRIS Earthquake  5-Year Historic Map of all Quakes along the Ring of Fire from January 20, 2004 to January 20, 2009

Now take a second look at the smaller earthquakes that are designated as purple colored dots. What is even more interesting is to notice by looking beneath the Sunda Tectonic Plate that lies under Indonesia and especially the Island of Java.  Notice how the concentration of smaller earthquakes is more intensive and the purple dotted lines are more prominent. This suggests that the density of seismic activity of smaller earthquakes is more prominent in the two-year period ending in 2011, than the early five year period earlier ending in 2009.

Now scan your eyes in the region of the Himalayas Mountains above India going into the Russia’s Northern Siberian region. Notice the concentration and the density of the smaller earthquakes where the migrating North Pole is expected to be relocated during the next Polar shift.

Then let us take a look at the Philippine Islands that recently has been receiving numerous tsunamis that were not expectant. The subduction of the island is becoming more apparent as the coastal villages are now sinking under the water.

The city of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand continues to be surrounded by a sea of water, thus making the inner city an island just a few feet now above sea level.  The Island of Java where Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia now has ocean water lapping up to its airport on the northern side of the island.

This fact is then dramatized by the continuous subduction of the western end of the Indo-Australian Plate in Pakistan whose once magnificent Indus River Valley that has flowed from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean for five thousand years and spawned in 3000 BCE the magnificent Indus River Valley civilization of antiquity.  It has now permanently inundated 2 million acres of prime farmland. These will not be beautiful pristine lake districts that could someday be the region of a burgeoning fishing and tourist industry.


Flooding of Singapore
The Flooding of Singapore

Rather we will be seeing a marshy and fetid contaminated lake district because the water from the Indus River can no longer flow into the sea.

This will only be exacerbated by the fact that the continental Plate of India next door will continue to be shoved under the Himalayas Mountains. It is expected that the entire Nation of India may someday no longer exist and there population will experience vast migrations will be scattered to the lands surrounding India or in the event of a rapid Pole shift, disappear as another “Lost Continent” to be added to numerous others in the legends of antiquity.

Sinking Land Pacific Rim
The Sinking of the Lands along the Pacific Rim

Take one further look at these two maps and notice how the pace of smaller earthquake is rapidly picking up in intensity. As we move from the intense purple maze in the Philippines, we realize that as the Indo-Australian Plate continues to tilt, sinking Pakistan in the west and raising Australia and New Zealand in the east, the Pacific Ocean to the north of Australia is beginning to fold pushing together the bellows like a gigantic accordion.  This folding of the Pacific will then put enormous stress upon South America and it pulls the northern region of this enormous continent to the west and eventually searing it off of Central America.

Consider the facts now with the intensity of the purple dots in the region of the Andes Mountain in the north-western region of South America. This is a region that has known massive earth changes over the millenniums during the historical age of man.  We witness this fact with the large walls city of Tianhuanaco in Bolivia that was once a seaport city, and now is residing 12,000 feet in altitude.

Once upon a time, according the Andesite Calendar in the midst of the city, depicted an era of a 290 day year instead of our present 365 day year and the rotation of the moon around Planet Earth was in a 10:1 ratio of 29 days. Only later did the solar calendar move to 360 days as depicted in the brass 360 degree giant basin in the Temple of Solomon that served as a calendar for the United Monarchy of Kings David and Solomon.

When the Northern Region of South America is torn away from Central America, it is expected that eastern regions of the Caribbean Plate will crumble. This once large land bridge between Florida and South America below will sink beneath that waters and the islanders living there will meet their apocalyptic end. This fact can today be witnessed also as we see the intensity of the smaller quakes in purple dots now escalating and the larger earthquake beginning to increase also.

These facts will be coupled with the increasing number of smaller purple dot earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault along Western Coastal Seaboard of the United States. Simultaneous there will also raise increased quake activity along the western coastline of the South American Plate, and increased earthquakes also along the Atlantic Ridge in the center of the Atlantic Ocean.

As South America rolls to the west, tearing apart the South Atlantic Rift apart, it will cause a tectonic plate vacuum as the continent of Africa begins to roll also to the west. This time the African Plate will sear apart from the European Plate to the north. This was cause the floor of the Mediterranean to sink while the eastern Mediterranean along Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt will either sink or be engulfed with a massive tsunami.

Interestingly, the floor of the Mediterranean, it is reported to be laden with up to 300 different megalithic sites that were once sites of human habitation before the River of Styx was subducted under the waters of the Noachian Flood.

It’s time to consider that the era of which we are living is about over.  The era of man has been completed and we are now entering the era of the messiah.  The prophets of Israel are uniform in their visual impact of the future upon all humanity, the Kingdom of G-d will be established on Planet Earth in an era of messianic Torah enlightenment. The Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel will be united in brotherhood again with the Jews of the House of Israel and will be established once again in their ancestral tribal homeland both east and west of the Jordan River.

Now the earthquakes maps and the tectonic plates are beginning to testify of that same prophetic vision, Eden Lost and Eden restored as the Garden of Eden that was lost in sin and rebellion will be restored in the new Garden of Eden. It’s time to start making preparation for that momentous moment in our lives.

  1. Mark one
    February 5, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    this is fascinating, I’ve always thought of the earth as a giant glass snow shaker ball that heats up the middle and sends the snow out to equator. its beautiful.

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