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Russia, China to Jointly Build Mi-2A Helicopters

February 7, 2012

RIA Novosti

Russian helicopter maker Rostvertol and Chinese Xi’Ao Aeroplane Manufacturing will build a plant in northern China capable of manufacturing 100 lightweight civil Mi-2A helicopters annually, Xinhua said on Monday.

The first phase of the plant, located on 47 hectares in Hebei Province, will be completed by the end of July, Xinhua said citing local officials.

The investment for the first phase is estimated at $224 million.

The plant will also serve as a repair hub for Russia’s Mi-series choppers in the Asia region.

Mi-2A is a modernized version of the Russian Mi-2 Hoplit helicopter, which features a new power plant, advanced piloting and navigation equipment, and significant flight performance improvement.

  1. February 7, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    Ola! Crisisboom,
    I know what you mean, 1) Iran will start the war with Israel

    2) Israel will start the war with Iran

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    2 b) Israel will start it the US will not join in

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    4) There isn’t going to be a war


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    3) China will enter the war to secure oil delivery for its growing economy and that will start a Chinese US war

    4) Russia will join the Iranian side starting a US Russian war

    5) Russia and China will jointly attack Israel and the US without a declaration of war and unite the entire region behind either Russia or China or both

    6) Iran will thank Israel for the bombing and claim to have learned their lesson
    Great Job!

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