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No way of stopping leak of deadly new flu, says terror chief

February 8, 2012


The bioterrorism expert responsible for censoring scientific research which could lead to the creation of a devastating pandemic has admitted the information “is going to get out” eventually.

Professor Paul Keim, chairman of the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, controversially recommended that researchers be stopped from publishing the precise mutations needed to transform the H5N1 strain of birdflu virus into a human-transmissible version.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, he argued it had been necessary to limit the release of the scientific details because of fears that terrorists may use the information to create their own H5N1 virus that could be spread easily between people.

Professor Keim said that it was necessary to slow down the release of scientific information because it was clear that the world is not yet prepared for a strain of highly lethal H5N1 influenza that can be transmitted by coughs and sneezes.

“We recognised that, in the long term certainly, the information is going to get out, and maybe even in the mid term. But if we can restrict it in the short term and motivate governments to start getting busy in terms of building  up the flu-defence infrastructure, then we’ve succeeded at a certain level,” he said.

“If we can slow down the release of the specific information that would enable somebody to reconstruct this virus and do something nefarious, even for a while, then that was a good thing.”

By withholding key details of the mutations needed to make an airborne strain of H5N1, this would give time for governments to prepare for and prevent a possible pandemic, he added.

“The infrastructure to stop a pandemic in this area is not there. We just don’t have the capabilities. The very first time we knew that the swine flu virus [coming out of Mexico] was there, it was already in 18 countries. I’m not confident at all that we have the surveillance capability to spot an emerging virus in time to stop it,” he said.

“And even if we did spot it early on, I don’t think we have…Read full article here

  1. markrabone
    February 10, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    markrabone :

    P.s I contracted H.I.C. hep C and as soon as I knew about it my subconscious kicked in and destroyed it in a month and that’s pretty much unhaired of unless you have it less than two months witch wasn’t the case due to my past company of friends years ago. you can try and make a vacine out of my blood if you want, its all at Decon uni, haha.

  2. markrabone
    February 10, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    the war against terrorism can be won in the same way we might be able to win again a deadly strain of influenza and that is desensitization, it all comes from with in, there’s no terror for a man who is not terrorized by events and the same with when a man contracts the flu, it gets easier the more you have it so with lessor strains slowly introduced will make a severe strain not so severe, I was about 16 and I contracted a coll that made me delirious for a week and again when i was younger and each time it was less intense and one day I was living in a share accommodation and a lady was sick in the wash room and didn’t clean it up and I had a cold that all most killed me, if I hadn’t had previous experience and a lot of surfing the waves and been dunked under water for periods of two minute and knew the right time to cough and hold my breath this strain of flue would of killed me, that’s when I truly knew its danger level, know I get sick for a matter of hours and my body just go’s in to war mode knowing the battle it take if it lets it even go for a second and longer your body leaves it the more your immune system breaks down from uneasment and stress that you can’t catvch your breath or your so under the weather.

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