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What the future of technology holds

February 16, 2012


Changes in technology mean that the machines we use now will have evolved into virtually unrecognizable forms in a few years’ time. (AFP photo)

With technology evolving at an exponential rate, it can be hard to fathom the changes that the future holds. What technological changes will revolutionize our lives in the years to come? NOW Lebanon takes a look at this year’s most extraordinary tech predictions.

1- You will never need a password again
No need to remember your password anymore. According to IBM researchers, retrieving money from the ATM or checking your bank account online will soon be done using facial, retinal and vocal recognition technology.  Biometric data—facial definitions, retinal scans and voice files—will be combined using software that will provide users with a password unique to every individual. Smarter systems will be able to match biometric profiles with users’ identities. “Some computers are already equipped with fingerprint readers and retinal scans. The chances of this becoming commonplace in five years are high,” says Pierrot Atallah, chief information officer at BLC bank. Version 4 of the Android operating system already includes facial recognition to unlock phones.

2- Games that think outside the box
The launch this year of the Wii U by Nintendo cut a new path for game consoles. The Wii U will include an oversized controller with a touchscreen, speakers, a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a front-facing camera, which synchronize with the TV. Gamers might be able to start a game on their console and pick it up later on their smartphone. Games will also be published in new forms, away from Full article here

  1. silleeellis
    February 18, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    I will be grand in deed, I saw this child that was born with out a brain, just a brain stem, witch is the basics of a brain. The new computers I’ve learnt by reading and listening to Alienscientist on YouTube and web sight that will be developed at the quantum level placing each atom perfectly in a crystallized form, I know a brain transplant would be smashing the boundaries but a biological grown crystallized computer chip may be able to do the damage. There was a soul in this child I could just tell, and maybe and this is probably going to far and is linked to the fears of a simple so called 666 chip in there hand is a chip in a new born copying everything you do and one day as your brain starts to deteriorate the chip will start to take over crowing replacing dead tissue until we as in our brains will be fully biological computer hard wear based and we could live for ever no longer needing oxygen or blood to survive and the human condition will be eliminated. micro fusion techs will have to be spot on for that child but I really think it could be done, this stuff is biblical or should be.

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