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Huge Sino-Russian joint military exercise at sea to participate in the troops in the million or more

April 17, 2012


April 22 to 29

2012, Russia will be held in China’s Yellow Sea waters, code-named “Sea collaboration – 2012″ joint naval exercises. Suha Ivanov, deputy commander of the Russian Navy has stressed that the exercise will be the Navy of Russia and China in recent years, the largest joint military exercises at sea. 15, the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet held a grand expedition ceremony.

more than 20 warships participating

formation with wear Strait

According to the news of the Russian Defense Ministry said: “The leader of the Russian Navy the participating warships participating in the Pacific Fleet’s flagship ‘Varyag’ large anti-submarine of the Pacific Fleet’s’ Tribhuvan Cihai Admiral number ‘three large anti-submarine, and four Ka-27 shipborne helicopters. “In addition to’ Telibuci Navy Admiral ‘is from the Gulf of Aden attended the anti-piracy exercises direct catch to the exercise site, all the participating warships and vessels of the Pacific Fleet starting from 斯特列洛克 Gulf, arrived in China port on the morning of April 22, 22, the Russian navy ships will participate in Navy Day celebrations on the 24th, the two sides officially began joint military exercises, the number of participating Russian warships will be over 20. “


during the exercise, the Chinese Navy North Sea Fleet will send a guided missile destroyer and the Russian ships to form a mixed fleet, common across the Strait, into the Yellow Sea of China, to hold joint military exercises in the sea near Qingdao. Complete all the exercises, the Russian navy in the Yellow Sea will hold a joint naval parade.

“Legal Evening”, “China Youth Daily” message

Japan and South Korea


Korean and Japanese media condemnation “

Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” said the Russian Navy line “exception” appears with a warning to Japan’s meaning, through the Sea of Japan. The newspaper said that the Russian warships in order to reach the Yellow Sea, and completely bypass the east side from Japanese waters. Behavior through the Strait of Japan to make Japan feel uneasy. Yonhap a different view: the Sino-Russian exercise area is the core area of the Western Pacific strategy is clearly a show against the U.S. forces. South Korea’s Dong-a Ilbo, said “the timing of the exercise subtle, in the Korea-US joint military exercise ‘the Daying training’ period.” Japan “Qin News quoted a Chinese expert, objective analysis said,” the United States each year should be engaged in pulling Japan, South Korea joint military exercises at sea, the number of exercises, deployed troops, the scale is far more than the Sino-Russian joint exercise. Japan and South Korea should not condemnation. “

guess scale

Sino-Russian investment in more than 10 000

According to Russian Defense Ministry sources said the Pacific Fleet had already participated in within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization held in 2005, Russia and the “Peace Mission – 2005 bilateral joint military exercises, the exercise scale was significantly greater than on times.

Japan’s Kyodo News reported that the Sino-Russian military exercises scale is unprecedented. South Korea’s Dong-a Ilbo, said the strength of a million data from the 2005 Sino-Russian investment can be speculated that this, the participation of troops will be more than 1 million people.

newspaper speculated that the scale of China’s participation is not known to the outside world, but is expected to mobilize more than 10 ships of the North Sea Fleet belongs missile destroyers and frigates and submarines, air combat effectiveness, etc. to participate in military exercises.

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