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Biometric IDs A Step Toward EU – Ukraine Visa Simplicity

September 13, 2012


Kiev Airport Customs

Biometric IDs in Ukraine appear to be on the way in. A draft law there providing for the creation of a unified state register of every Ukrainian citizen has passed fist scrutiny there. Reportedly a measure to beef up border security between Ukraine and the EU, citizens traveling abroad may feel a bit like Big Brother is watching via a built-in proximity chip keeping tabs on each citizen.

Officials in favor of the new Biometric IDs claim this document standard will go a long way toward preventing IS fraud, helping out the border control end of travel in the country. Claiming accessibility for all relevant European services and institutions, proponents say the action plan for visa liberalization is the central reason for the new initiative.

With the EU planning to assess the effect visa liberalization will have on illegal migrations soon, Ukraine tourism inbound and out stand to benefit if the new IDs fly with EU counterparts. The President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych,  created the State Migration Service already, an agency responsible for managing citizenship, immigration, registration, and political asylum issues.

Ukraine is now in the first stage one of a two-stage visa liberalization process that could ultimately lead to a simplified visa procedure for citizens to travel to the EU. In order to satisfy all EU requirements, Ukraine must carry out reforms with regard to document security, illegal migration, internal security, external relations, and fundamental human rights.

Photo credit: Kiev Airport Customs sign – courtesy © Natalia Bratslavsky – Fotolia.com

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