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We must find out what really happened on 9/11

September 11, 2012 1 comment

Hindsight is supposed to provide clarity, perspective and truth, but 11  years after the global nightmare of Sept. 11, 2001, too many still mourn the  devastation of loved ones lost, filled with agonizing doubt about what really  happened that day. Why would it take 443 days to begin an alleged investigation  into the most horrific crime on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor? Evidence was  suppressed and destroyed. There is much we don’t know.

We certainly know enough to justify a “real” investigation. Nearly 3,000  people were murdered that day, and thousands more have died as a result of wars  invented on behalf of this event. Conspiracy theories abound, but “the official  story” seems the biggest whopper of them all! This nation deserves much better — our heritage requires it, justice demands it. But most of all the victims, the  heroes and their families deserve the compassion and closure of truth — instead  of betrayal and lies.

“Truth” is the smallest measure of peace to demand from alleged leaders who  claim a moral high ground when the shining beacon on the hill has all but  fluttered its last ray of hope. The 9/11 victims and their families deserve the  truth about that day. We all do.

Ken Olufs

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Sept. 11 rescuers deserve to know the whole truth

September 1, 2011 Comments off

Many of us read with both astonishment and anger recently that 90,000 firefighters, peace officers, construction workers and volunteers — including those who ran toward the burning buildings during the Sept. 11 attack to rescue survivors — will not be allowed at the 10-year Ground Zero Commemoration. Of course, presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will be present to make big speeches in front of the cameras, as will politicians from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Worse, according to the Huffington Post, emergency responders who do not go through a terrorism background check would be denied treatment for cancer and other ailments under the James Zadroga 9/11 Health And Compensation Law.

“It’s comical at best, and I think it’s an insult to Read more…

9/11: Chemical Engineer Mark Basile Found Nanothermite in WTC Dust

September 1, 2011 Comments off

The Missing Security Tapes From The World Trade Center

August 3, 2011 Comments off


Late on the night of August 23, 2001, at about 3 a.m. security cameras in the parking garage of the World Trade Center captured the arrival of two or three truck vans.

Visual examination determined the vans were separate and unique from trucks used by janitorial services, including different colors and devoid of markings.

More curious, all the janitorial trucks had pulled out of the Towers by about 2:30 a.m—about half an hour before the second set of vans arrived.

According to my high level State Department source with a top security clearance, who disclosed the unusual nightly activity, no vans matching that description had entered the World Trade Center at such an hour in any of the weeks or months prior to that date. It was a unique event.

Security cameras caught the vans leaving the Towers at Read more…

9/11 Responders To Be Warned They Will Be Screened By FBI’s Terrorism Watch List

April 21, 2011 Comments off


WASHINGTON — A provision in the new 9/11 health bill may be adding insult to injury for people who fell sick after their service in the aftermath of the 2001 Al Qaeda attacks, The Huffington Post has learned.

The tens of thousands of cops, firefighters, construction workers and others who survived the worst terrorist assault in U.S. history and risked their lives in its wake will soon be informed that their names must be run through the FBI’s terrorism watch list, according to a letter obtained by HuffPost.

Any of the responders who are not compared to the database of suspected terrorists would be barred from getting treatment for the numerous, worsening ailments that the James Zadroga 9/11 Health And Compensation Law was passed to address.

It’s a requirement that was tacked onto the law during the bitter debates over it last year.

The letter from Dr. John Howard, director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, informs Read more…