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Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo stays in bunker and vows not to surrender

April 8, 2011 Comments off


Ivory Coast’s embattled leader Laurent Gbagbo is protected by a rump of just 200 soldiers in his bunker beneath the presidential palace, the French defence minister said, but he is refusing to surrender to advancing forces.

Ivory Coast leader in bunker vows not to surrender  

Soldiers loyal to Alassane Ouattara walk past deserted market stalls in Abidjan Photo: AP

Gerard Longuet said Mr Gbagbo has an estimated 1,000 troops left in Abidjan, as forces loyal to president-in-waiting Alassane Ouattara had the palace surrounded.

“We’re going to wait and let him come out like a rat,” said an adviser to Mr Ouattara

However, Mr Gbagbo refuses to give up his increasingly fragile position and continues to Read more…