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Russian amateur astronomer discovers new comet

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Russian amateur astronomer discovers new comet

Russian amateur astronomer discovers new comet

Russian amateur astronomer Artyom Novichonok, a student of Petrozavodsk University, made a discovery of a new comet, Russian astronomy website Astronet said on Sunday.

The comet is the first comet discovered from Russian territory since 1989.

Novichonok’s discovery was confirmed by the International Astronomical Union, the comet being designated P/2011 R3 (Novichonok), the Ka-Dar Observatory, where Novichonok made his discovery, said on its website.

Novichonok discovered the comet on six images taken in September using a 0.4-m Jigit telescope.

Evidence Found for Undiscovered Comet That May Threaten Earth

July 28, 2011 1 comment


February eta Draconid meteor of Feb. 2011
This February eta Draconid was filmed by Peter Jenniskens with one of the low-light-level video cameras of the Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance (CAMS) station in Mountain View, California, at 07:59:24 UT on February 4, 2011.
CREDIT: All Sky Cameras/Peter Jenniskens

A surprise meteor shower spotted in February was likely caused by cosmic “bread crumbs” dropped by an undiscovered comet that could potentially pose a threat to Earth, astronomers announced today (July 27).

The tiny meteoroids that streaked through Earth’s atmosphere for a few hours on Feb. 4 represent a previously unknown meteor shower, researchers said. The “shooting stars” arrived from the direction of the star Eta Draconis, so the shower is called the February Eta Draconids, or FEDs for short.

The bits of debris appear to have been shed by a long-period comet. Long-period comets whiz by the sun very infrequently, so it’s tough to Read more…

7/5/2011 — HUGE unknown comet — SOHO LASCO C2

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Comet Chunk Slams Into Earth’s Atmosphere

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Residents of Atlanta, Ga., were treated to a rare event on Friday night: a 2-meter wide chunk of cometary material entered the atmosphere right above their heads. The result? Nothing short of spectacular.

The fireball exploded and disintegrated like the Read more…

Comet Is Heading Towards The Sun – Impact Will Occur Very Soon

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Comet CRASHES into SUN causes Solar Flare May 11th 2011 SOHO Live FEED Capture

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Alignments, Comet Elenin & Earthquakes – Scientific Proof (27th April 2011)

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