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The Great American Decline

January 19, 2011 Comments off

By Joseph G

Do you remember the 50’s 60’s and 70’s?  I don’t because I wasn’t even born then, however,  my parents and grand parents told me that those years were the golden years.  Inflation wasn’t that high then, so you could go out and purchase a hot dog, pop corn, soda and a movie all for a shiny quarter!  When you went to go to work or run errands you didn’t even lock your house front door as theft was not an issue at that time.  We Americans seemed like we were in pretty good shape as we had Detroit pumping out the latest cars and everyone had jobs but most of all we had each other as in strong family ties.  My dad used to say there was only one TV in the whole house  and there was such a time as “Family Time”  when all of the siblings and adults  get together in the living room and actually converse with one another without the distraction of electronics or television.  Everyone used to go to church and worship God as a family then come home to a large dinner composed of baked chicken, corn on the cob, greens, buttery dinner rolls with peach cobbler on the side.  There was a great sense of pride amongst families of all walks of life in those days.  But that was then, now lets fast forward a few decades.

You turn on the news and what do you see? 9 times out of 10 that news is bad news.  In this day and age where information is transferred in fractions of nano seconds, it appear as if things should be better right?  I mean we have laptops, 3D TV’s , cell phones, Ipads, Starbucks, and fast food joints, what could be possibly wrong with that?  It appears that our hard work has paid off during the middle of the century so now we can just kick back and reap the rewards.  In the face of our pride however we have created a beast.  Look around you it’s everywhere!  It’s physically inescapable as far as the eye can see and the nose to smell.  With the invention of  TV’s and ON-DEMAND no one wants go for a walk or even physically go to the movie theater.  Its Convenience 101.  The plethora of fast food is so tempting not only because of the taste of the inferior low quality food but for the ability upon demand you can order whatever you want and presto its on your plate.  What ever happened to actually cooking food with your own personal seasonings and spices like grandma used to make but oh you want it now and cooking just takes too long.  Remember when kids actually played with toys and dolls  instead of playing video games and watching Disney Channel all day?  Many kids now have a hard time being social with their peers due to long-term isolation. Read more…