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The Sprotts Expect Silver to Keep on Sizzling

March 13, 2011 Comments off

Sprott Money executives Eric Sprott (chairman) and Larisa Sprott (president), sing the praises of the “poor man’s gold” in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. “All the data supports the thesis that silver is undervalued,” says Eric—who serves as chairman of Sprott Inc., as well as CEO, CIO and senior portfolio manager of Sprott Asset Management LP. “We’ll certainly see a three-digit price,” he adds. Larisa explains how the company’s business model differs from others in the space and reveals plans to open Sprott Money USA within the year.

The Gold Report: Your Markets at a Glance commentary last November said it seemed unlikely that silver would stay under $30 for long. Four months later, the spot price is about $35. Are you surprised by how quickly your prediction came true?

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