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Is the European Union on the brink of Collapse?

March 26, 2011 Comments off


Foto:  THOMAS BORBERG (arkivfoto)

Foto: THOMAS BORBERG (arkivfoto)

A real risk of disintegration if the EU does not soon display solid internal and external cooperation.

Europe’s external divisions on Libya are as great as its internal divisions on the new Europact.

Over the past few days, EU countries have faced historically difficult decisions without being able to reach agreement.

The indecision has seriously questioned the determination that European countries are able to muster, both in NATO and in the European Union.

The countries seem to have reached agreement on handing over the responsibility for the Libya operation to NATO. The breakthrough has, however, come so late that credibility has already been lost.

For once, Denmark has stood out in a positive light by both sending fighter aircraft to Read more…