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The Future of Identity

January 22, 2013 Comments off

What makes up your identity?A new report has been published by the UK Government that looks at the Future of Identity over the next ten years.

Sponsored by the Home Office and published by Sir John Beddington, the Head of the Government Office for Science, the Foresight Future Identities (2013) report shows that ‘identity’ is not a simple notion. People can have many different overlapping identities which are fundamental to their individuality.

The report identifies three overlapping types of identities, which are broadly distinguished as social, biographical and biometric, which it defines as:

  • Social identities are generated through roles and relationships between people, and the wider social and cultural context. These include identities which are socially mediated, such as family relationships, friendships, membership of communities, and Read more…

Canadian defence scientists probe ‘biometrics of intent’

March 16, 2011 Comments off

OTTAWA — Canadian defence researchers are investigating how brain signals might distinguish hostile intent from everyday emotions such as anger and fear.

Though there is still much to learn, the goal is to push biometric science beyond identification techniques to a new frontier where covert security technology would secretly scan peoples’ minds to determine whether they harbour malicious intent.

“This ability can be used by members of the military and the security forces to isolate adversaries prior to commission of actions,” according to a research paper posted on the federal government’s Defence Research and Development Canada Read more…