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McDonald’s using DNA-based security system in Australia

January 19, 2013 Comments off


January 18, 2013 –

In an effort to crack down on theft at McDonald’s locations in Australia, the fast-food restaurant chain has hired a British firm SelectaDNA to install a security system that sprays a “non-toxic solution with DNA code” on robbers.

A number of McDonald’s locations in Sydney had been targeted for break and enter by criminals over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. McDonald’s Australian subsidiary hopes the newly installed systems will stop the intrusions.

The SelectaDNA Intruder Spray solution was introduced in 2008 and contains an ultra-violet tracer and a unique DNA code, which “irrefutably” links the sray to the crime scene, according to an online ABC News report. SelectaDNA has currently installed its Intruder Spray Read more…

Untested nanoparticles showing up in thousands of consumer products

March 16, 2011 Comments off

(NaturalNews) Since 2006, the use of nanoparticles in consumer products has skyrocketed by over 600 percent. Nanotechnologies, which involve the manipulation of elements and other matter on the atomic and molecular scale, are now used in over 1,300 commercial and consumer products. And that number is expected to jump nearly three-fold by 2020. But are these nanoparticles safe for humans and the environment, particularly when used in food-related applications?

According to data provided by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN), a group formed in 2005 for the purpose of “creat[ing] an active public and policy dialogue” on nanotechnology, nanoparticles are now used in everything from car batteries and appliances, to aluminum foil and non-stick cookware. The “Food and Beverage” section of PEN even includes various vitamin and mineral supplements that contain nanoparticles, as well as McDonald’s Read more…