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Do Parents Nurture Narcissists By Pouring On The Praise?

March 9, 2015 Comments off

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Having a narcissistic parent doesn't mean you're going to turn out that way, too.

Having a narcissistic parent doesn’t mean you’re going to turn out that way, too.


When a kid does something amazing, you want to tell her so. You might tell her that she’s very smart. You might tell her that she’s a very special kid. Or you might say that she must have worked really hard.

On the surface, they all sound like the same compliments. But according to Brad Bushman, a communications and psychology professor at Ohio State University, the first two increase the child’s chances of becoming a narcissist. Only the last one raises the child’s self-esteem and keeps her ego in check.

Bushman and a group of collaborators surveyed parents to see how they show warmth and value their child’s accomplishments. They then compared those findings to the children’s levels of self-esteem and narcissism. The results were published Monday in the

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