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Rupture of Shell pipeline causes ‘substantial’ spill

August 16, 2011 Comments off


The Gannet Alpha platform in the North Sea (AFP/Shell/File, Ken Taylor)

Royal Dutch Shell’s ruptured North Sea pipeline has caused a “substantial” spill, with oil still leaking into the sea, the British government and the company has said.

The department of energy and climate change said yesterday that “estimates are that the spill could be of several hundred tonnes”.

A spill on that scale would be the worst in the North Sea since 2000, when more than 500 tonnes was spilt, according to data supplied by the department.

Shell said about 216 tonnes of oil, equivalent to 1,300 barrels, had leaked into the North Sea in a “significant spill”.

“Work continues to stop the oil remaining in the flowline from leaking,” the company said in a separate statement. “We estimate the current rate of leakage is Read more…

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