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Pictures of China’s new submarines, tanks, stealth planes and railgun development

April 21, 2011 1 comment

Previously we had reviewed the RAND and aviation week analysis of China’s current military and projections that China would mostly catch up to the current level of the United States military by about 2020.

Here is a picture that compares the Chinese J20, the US F22 and the Russian T50 stealth fighter planes from the side and from the top

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India #1 for Arms Imports Over Last 5 Years

March 16, 2011 Comments off

India (NEWSTABULOUS) – Arms importers: You would probably be surprised to know that over the last five years, the most weapons have been imported by India.

According to “Yahoo Finance”, The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPR) said, as it released its latest report on trends in the international arms trade, “India is the world’s largest arms importer”.

The largest arms suppliers have been in competition to trade with Arab countries involved in the current pro-democracy and anti-government uprisings, including Libya.

Of the total amount of international arms received during 2006-2010, 9% were received by India, and Russia was responsible for 82% of the imports by India.  India’s imports of arms skyrocketed 21% from the prior 5 year span and 71% of orders were for Read more…