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China acknowledges Three Gorges dam ‘problems’

May 19, 2011 1 comment


The Three Gorges Dam discharges water to lower the level in a reservoir in Yichang (July 2010) The Three Gorges is the world’s largest dam

China has admitted that the Three Gorges Dam has created a range of major problems that need solving quickly.

Top leaders say the project has led to environmental problems and issues involving relocating 1.3m people.

The Three Gorges is the world’s largest dam and could have cost up to $40bn. This appears to be the first time that central government leaders have admitted to problems with the project.

The admission came in a statement from top government body, the State Council.

The statement initially praised the scheme’s achievements, saying it had helped alleviate flooding, improve navigation and generate electricity.

But it went on: “There are urgent problems that need to be addressed, such as stabilising and improving living conditions for relocated people, protecting the environment, and preventing geological disasters.”


China’s revolutionary leader Mao Zedong dreamed of building the Three Gorges Dam. Construction started in 1994.

 More than a million people have been affected by Read more…