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Hacker group Anonymous says it will release Bank of America emails

March 13, 2011 Comments off

The loose-knit hacker collective known as “Anonymous” plans to release emails obtained from Bank of America Corp. early today, an Anonymous-related Twitter feed said.

“[S]ee you guy’s Monday Morning 5am…London Time,” a post from the Twitter username OperationLeakS said.

“Meet my demands Release Pfc. Bradley Manning and I will remove every #BoA Employee from the Emails,” the feed said Saturday, referring to the US Army private accused of leaking sensitive US cables to WikiLeaks.

Manning is currently being held at the Quantico Marine base, outside Washington, D.C.

Anonymous is not officially affiliated with WikiLeaks, but members have previously targeted websites including PayPal, Amazon, Visa and the head office of the Swedish Prosecution Authority for hampering WikiLeaks’ activities.

WikiLeaks said in December 2010 that it would soon release information about banks and advised “that all people who love freedom close out their accounts at Bank of America,” prompting speculation that the bank would be the next target of a major WikiLeaks document dump.

U.S. might be giving away sensitive military technology, report finds

March 10, 2011 Comments off

Sensitive military technology might be slipping into enemy hands, in part because of a dramatic decline in the number of foreign workers that the Commerce Department screens, federal auditors have found.

For national security purposes, the United States controls the export of so-called dual-use technologies — items that have both civilian and military uses, including computer security tools — to countries of concern, including Iran and North Korea.

One way to restrict the transfer of such technology is for Commerce to screen visa applications from foreign nationals who wish to work in U.S. high-tech companies.

But the Commerce Department, the agency responsible for checking visa applications to identify potential unlicensed exports, is not screening thousands of those forms, according to a Government Accountability Office report released on Monday.

Reduced visa application vetting is one of several factors that “may indicate the continuing risk that foreign nationals could gain unauthorized access to controlled technology,” the auditors wrote.

Commerce checked only 150 visa forms in fiscal 2009, a dramatic drop from Read more…