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Kinect could be initial step into gaming biometrics

April 4, 2011 Comments off

Microsoft’s X-Box 360 Kinect, a motion-sensing device for the gaming system that sold million units in its first two months, is being looked at by some as an introduction of biometric technology to gaming, according to a Smart Office article.

Kinect’s biometric capabilities come in the form of face recognition which it uses to login recognized players prior to playing a game.

Although seen as relatively novel new technology, Kinect’s face-recognition was called into question as it was reported to frequently have trouble in poor lighting conditions as well as having trouble logging in users with dark complexions.

Despite its issues in realistically connecting users to their real-life selves, some are wary of the introduction of biometrics into gaming, which has traditionally maintained a very anonymous environment for gamers.

Experts believe that such technology, however, could be a key step into increasing biometrics’ foot hold in U.S. markets where consumers have been apprehensive to trust the technology to handle its most sensitive and unable to be changed data.

As biometric modes such as face recognition make their way into casual gaming, social networking and even places such as online dating sites, it is thought that it could help face recognition and other biometrics gain popularity in handling more serious services Read more…