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Two sunspots on the Sun currently pose a threat for x-class solar flares

August 19, 2011 Comments off


Here we go again, this time two spots on the Sun turning toward our planet now that are capable of producing powerful X-Class flares.

Two sunspots are now rotating toward the planet over the face of the Sun. Sunspots 1271 and 1272 remain quiet but pose a threat for X-class solar flares.

X-class solar flares are the most powerful solar flare the Sun can produce, according to our planetary scale. These could produce radio and electrical blackouts as well as a brilliant display of aurora if they unleash powerful Earth-directed flares.

The last solar storms a week ago were from sunspots on the farside of the Sun now. They are still together and out of our view, Venus was seen in the same field of view as one blasted toward the planet on the far side of the Sun.

Stay tuned to the sunspots, it could ‘pop’ at anytime.

Modern Society Threatened by Solar Storms

February 20, 2011 Comments off
Tuesday’s dramatic X-class solar flare triggered an Earth-bound CME, but the resulting solar storm wasn’t as powerful as expected.


The Earth just dodged a solar bullet. But it won’t be the last. Experts say a geomagnetic storm, sparked by a massive solar eruption similar to the one that flared toward the Earth on Tuesday, is bound to strike again, and the next one could wreak more havoc than the world has ever seen.

Modern society is increasingly vulnerable to space weather because of our dependence on satellite systems for synchronizing computers, navigational systems, telecommunications networks and other electronic devices.

A potent solar storm could disrupt these technologies, scorch satellites, crash stock markets and cause months-long power outages, experts said Saturday at the Read more…