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Reservoirs Can Trigger Earthquakes Say Chinese Geologists Studying Complex Interaction Of Earth And Water

July 18, 2011 1 comment


Chinese geologists suggest that earthquakes can be triggered by reservoirs in a study of the Zipingpu Reservoir and Longmenshan Slip.

This figure is a presentation of viscous stress and Reynolds stress at multiple micro-spatial scales under ultra-high temperature and pressure conditions.

Credit: ©Science China Press

The extended Coulomb failure stress (ECFS) criteria and anisotropic porosity and permeability tensor at micro/meso/macro scale under ultra‑high temperature and pressure (UTP) conditions were developed employing the flow driven pore‑network crack (FDPNC) model under multiple temporal–spatial scales and the hybrid hypersingular integral equation‑lattice Boltzmann method (HHIE‑LBM). The correlation of the Zipingpu reservoir and Longmenshan slip was then analyzed and the fluid–solid coupled three‑dimensional facture mechanism of the reservoir and earthquake fault was explored.

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