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Obama Needs To Give Back The 105 Billion Dollars He Stole

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Quake Shakes Northeast Japan

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A hefty earthquake jolted northeastern Japan shortly before noon on Wednesday, providing an unwelcome reminder of just how prone to seismic activity the country is 2 weeks after the Christchurch disaster.

While the 7.2 magnitude quake was centered 160 kilometers off the coast and was about 14 kilometers underwater, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, it was felt all the way down to central Tokyo’s Otemachi business district – 416 kilometers to the south.

Though there weren’t immediate reports of damage, the Japan Meteorological Agency immediately issued a tsunami alert for parts of the northeastern coast of Japan, predicting modest waves of up to 50 centimeters.

Microwave Camera Could Aid TSA Traveler Scanning

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The media is in a tizzy over recent information found in Homeland Security documents suggesting the TSA might have planned to scan people outside of airports using covert mobile X-ray units (TSA denies testing of this technology, in a Forbes update). As a result, a host of hairy ethical and policy issues related to body screening and privacy are back in center stage.

Technologically speaking, however, scientists at the Missouri University of Science and Technology have at least some good news for the disheartened. They’ve developed a new portable camera that operates like the airport scanners, but which uses Read more…

Current US Gas Prices around the lower 48 States

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Dollar dies, States rebel and FLEE to gold and silver standard !!!

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Millions of dead anchovies float to surface in Redondo Beach

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Enough anchovies to top much of the world’s pizza and Caesar salads have floated lifelessly to the surface in Redondo Beach, California’s King Harbor, according to a local newspaper.

Officials say millions of the pungent, oily fish are covering the sea bottom in the harbor. They began rising to the surface Tuesday morning, the Daily Breeze in Torrance, outside Los Angeles, reported.

“We need to get Read more…