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“Unknown disease” outbreak detected in China HIV/ AIDS

April 1, 2011


By March 28, 2011 Reuters (Associated Press Chen Yilian report) is a special disease spread in China, doctors detected the virus, the patient has a serious condition. Of these, the majority of people in high risk sexual behavior after the onset of symptoms, some experts that they are “fear of love disease”, but the patient does not recognize. With the increasing number of patients, causing widespread concern in society and the media. Ministry of Health has started investigations six provinces and cities, the basic rule of AIDS experts, but remained open.

“Unknown virus” troubled experts

“Express” reported on March 24, a group of special “patients” – they have suspect are infected with HIV, and some even dozens of times in a few months to detect HIV, all test results are shown to be negative, a lot of people So claiming the “negative infections”; then, they suspect are infected with a knowledge of modern medicine is still not, there are infectious, “unknown virus”, but clinical reports have shown that they are “no organic disease” .

February 23 night, in Beijing, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) across a small hotel, wearing sterile clothing, “Express” 10 journalists from across the country with a special “patient” interviews for three hours. They had suspected their HIV infection, HIV testing several times but had shown negative results; then, they consider themselves infected with a “unknown virus”, but clinical reports have shown “no organic disease”; because of the disease fear, guilt of relatives and friends, the despair of the future, live in deep sorrow.

Reported that the current level in the medical profession is still not certain, March 1, Bureau of Disease Control Ministry of Health, Hao Yang, deputy director to meet with “patient representative”, said the Ministry of Health, from Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu epidemiological investigation began five provinces, Guangdong has also been included in the survey consider. Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City health department confirmed the case. The experts basically ruled out the possibility of mutation of HIV, but whether psychological factors cause the disease, the existence of unknown risk factors is inconclusive.

Blood transfusion from his mother began to “forest army” family illness

“Forest Army” roll up his pants and let the “Express” reporter see his bones and joints. He said: “I was fat, now almost invisible legs of meat, joints are all out of shape.” “Forest Army” is a group of “patients” call “big brother”, he reassured many attempts suicide “patients . ” He considered himself “sick” is a blood transfusion from his mother began.

In 2008, “Lin Jun,” the mother of a sudden bleeding in the hospital lost 3800CC of AB-type blood and plasma, often sweating after discharge. “Long hand rash, numbness in hands and feet often said, the body pain, joint noise will be issued, the body becomes thin.” Year in May, the mother of the back of the hand was broken glass scratch, “Forest Army” pick up broken glass accidentally injured hands stained with the blood of the mother, 14 days after a “jaw lymph nodes, knee soreness, but also to hear ‘Kaka’ sound, whole body pain, vomiting meal a meal; Subsequently, the left half of his face began to swell. ” Six months, his weight dropped from 165 pounds to 105 pounds. 3 months later, he found the same symptoms of his wife and children, all shouting leg pain, the child has frequent colds, skin black.

“Forest Army” major hospitals all over Shanghai, and were unable to confirm the diagnosis. Since then, the “Forest Army” has made 8 HIV test results were negative. “Forest Army” began online searching when I saw one called “negative infections,” the blog, blogger and his description matches the symptoms, he found through this blog “In Search of Truth group.”

Into this group, he discovered that very terror, some do not believe that he also advise everyone to “not so serious,” his group of friends “kicked” out. “Forest Army”, said in early 2009, he has not come to work, and once passed out at work on the road. Later, he found that “patients” who said the symptoms one by one all fulfilled in him.

Their pain: “if the muscles slowly dissolved”

“Express” reporter investigated over 30 cases of infected persons claiming to be the case, most people think of them, their relatives and friends were also infected with similar diseases with them. And “Forest Army” referred to in different ways bloodstream infection in these people, most of the cases the symptoms occurred after high-risk sexual behavior. This is part of the experts that they are “fear of love disease” one of the bases.

Claiming to be from Guangzhou, “Yang ×” said the July 9, 2010 in Dongguan had his “one-night stand”, three days after he appeared cold, anorexia symptoms, after months of joint pain, joint ring, hair loss , bone headache.

32-year-old “sinner” claiming that he, a Japanese-funded enterprises in Shenzhen, engaged in administrative work, and understanding occurred nearly a year of friends, “one-night stand”, he considered himself “sick” of the. Now he describes his pain: a pain not disappeared, another appeared, it will hurt the local lymph; two months, a decrease of 6 kg body weight, “arms, chest and back muscles as slowly dissolved the same. ”

Is cause for concern “unknown virus”

Henan patients love (a pseudonym) tells the Associated Press after his illness: “I was there in June 2010 a high-risk behavior, when the security measures taken are better, but in July the symptoms appeared. The most coarse hair start in the neck, which swelling pain, sore gums, mouth, tongue has been white thick; began to appear after the neck lymph nodes had grown more than 10; the next possession to start the measles virus infection in blood, as has been presented . “” I went to Beijing to investigate, the result is HIV negative. ”

Pseudonym fine of patients in 2010, senior year in Xiamen, Fujian read the first time in the salon to find “Miss”, despite the security measures taken, or the emergence of symptoms after three months, a long white tongue, long soak, and then the joint pain, muscle twitching, drowsy all day, slept six hours is not enough.

The current deterioration of his condition, often breathing difficulties, can only lie in bed. His feeble voice told Associated Press: “There were three months ago, is dead in Sichuan. I is not good now, the main symptoms of severe hair out, often breathing is difficult, as the lung disease had the same feeling. severe muscle beat. ”

Tiger (a pseudonym), Anshan, Liaoning people, 27 years old lady interested in the salon by a transmission, symptoms appeared the next day, two months after a serious decline in memory, all white lumps on both sides of the tongue, lower lip which is full of small blisters two heel hard step, it will float out of a lot of small lumps, night sweats, severe, bedding all wet, ten days without eating do not feel hungry, it is skinny, 1 m 7 people, only 80 pounds heavier.

Forty year old retired officer of the peace (a pseudonym) told reporters that, I really did not expect to be alive today. Never had the kind of initial headache, dizziness, and then the body of ringworm, all of swollen lymph, and now has a tumor gastric cardia, the whole body black, purple, chest, lung, esophagus stiff, saliva swallow not continue, occur several times a day breathing difficulties, heart attack one day, when the incidence of jumping muscles.

Highly contagious HIV-negative

Dayang March 25, according to reports, an official of Guangdong Province, said the disease from the perspective of these groups, see infectious diseases, “But even if mental illness is contagious, just like Foxconn, like jumping event Other people will be psychological impact. ”

Patients with “Sunny” for a start did not even think of symptoms later in the Baidu search, did not know he had this so-called “fear of love disease.” He believes that his disease is not caused by fear, nothing to do with fear.

Only because of official HIV testing in these patients, and the result is negative, to tell a patient not infected. Many relatives of patients with the cancellation of the protection measures of isolation, some people just because they believe the doctor said, “Never mind, you can lead a normal life, eat with the family”, that is infected with all the friends and family.

“Green” is the first time in 2009 were infected with friends, his pain, told reporters: “At the time thought it was only a cold, I went to various meetings, the results are all my comrades, relatives, friends, hundreds of numbers people have been infected by me. ”

Pseudonym of “Confession” of the patient told Associated Press that it’s contagious too powerful, and very hard to detect, my wife and 2-year-old children have half the children were there symptoms of blood, some in the lips, some in the skin.

Officials say the “fear of love disease” people questioned

“New Era” magazine had previously reported that around 2000, a new signs of infection spread in China, also related to sexual promiscuity, but officials and many experts were called the “fear of love disease” – mental illness. AIDS symptoms are similar because, while the “HIV” test and was negative, so the patient was again referred to as “negative infections.” But its infectious stronger, protected sex, kissing, sharing utensils, sweat and so may be infected, then the immune system attack, resulting in decreased immune cells and white blood cells.

Reported that: In the face of patients, from government, hospitals to the media, with one voice: “fear love”, it is very confusing, “fear of love disease” has been called a decade. Years, how many people died, the official did not give patients a definitive statement, but also mistakenly called this strange man how long?

Blood revenge on society were nowhere petition

In recent years, many patients go to Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Health Ministry petition, are to “psychological factors” as the reason turned down.

2008 to 2009, a “harbor” of the QQ group, there are two hundred and forty more than the “fear of love disease” patients seeking treatment in Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, the result is no one left, one after another died at Union Hospital. It is these people, then to get government attention, the collective approach taken to expand the infected blood side, along the way from Shenzhen to Shanghai in major cities to give blood.

“Harbor” members also walk among the bustling city, a family stay, all of the Miss infection. By 2009, many nightclubs and massage Station Street prostitution Miss sex workers were infected.

There are many such online patient groups, and some have existed for many years. Work in the cafeteria, a big business in patients in the group announced that he let thousands of workers have contracted their disease.

March 26 sent a such a group where the information, said yesterday there is a patient to a provincial bar the officials, he was ready to go to a provincial bar officials, the lack of travel expenses, in each group to give him 100 to 200 yuan donation . In the patients group, said effective than petitions.

Some analysts believe that this is an easy group suicide and kill him. When they can not bear the pain, easy way to commit suicide; when their anger on the Government as when the extreme

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