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Saudi US Rift widening

April 13, 2011

Back when Egypt was falling apart, not that it still isn’t, the Saudi king was very upset with the US for allowing his good friend Hosni Mubarak to fall. Rumor has it that the King almost or in fact did suffer a heart attack after talking to Obama about the way things were going in the Egypt.

The Saudi’s are now raising concerns that the Bushehr reactor is another Fukushima waiting to happen. The US is turning a blind eye to Saudi Arabia’s concerns, granted the Saudi’s are likely taking advantage of Fukushima to draw attention to their objective of halting Bushehr coming online. Israel has also been very quiet on Bushekr coming online. Most likely they have been told by the US to remain quiet.

So if you are a country that has been very cooperative with the US for the past several decades and recently your ally starts to turn on you what do you do. The Saudi’s would seem to have some issues reacting against the US, given the Saudi’s hold a significant amount of US debt. The Saudi’s are caught in the classic “if you owe a banker 3 million its your problem but if you owe him $3 billion, its his problem”. I would have to question if they can afford to go it alone against Iran especially given all the unrest that could breakout at home any time. It’s almost as if the US wants this area to fall apart. The US has meddled in many other areas why stop now, they have never backed away from spending $100 billion here or $100 billion there for a war that has no real impact on the US. Now they could at the very least support Saudi Arabia to help oil prices at home. It would seem that unlike other conflicts every $100 billion they could spend in this area of the world would be offset by a corresponding reduction, or at least preventing further fuel price increases.

One has to ask what is the US endgame here?

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