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Italy, Naples: Garbage Truck Swallowed by Sinkhole

August 11, 2011

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One dead and two wounded, is the budget of the incident last night in Casalnuovo, near Naples, where a truck for the collection of municipal solid waste ended up in a sinkhole opened up along the roadway. The event happened around one o’clock on a Strettola. As reconstructed by the police so far, the road has had a sudden collapse to the passage of trucks. The vehicle ended up in the abyss: the violence of the driver, a 42-year old of Marietta (Naples) died instantly.

The other two employees who were on board were injured, one was admitted to the hospital of St. John Bosco Naples with prognosis, the other was treated for injuries heal within 7 days. The truck is owned by a company of Airola (Benevento), which makes the collection of municipal waste in the area. Knowing the local police investigating the Lieutenancy and the Core Operating Castello di Cisterna.



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