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Popocatepetl volcano releases steam exhalations of a mile high

August 31, 2011

Agencia EFE  Translated

ElMexico, 30 ago (EFE) .- The Popocatepetl volcano threw four breaths now “moderate” steam, gas and ash that reached a mile high, so it provides the possibility of a “slight drop of cold ash” in City Mexico, officials said.

The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) said in a statement yesterday Popocatepetl an increase in activity, which consisted of a greater number of low-intensity exhalations accompanied by steam, gas and small amounts of ash.

He added that this day there were four major exhalations which were displaced by the wind toward the west-northwest.

Because of this ash falls were reported in the towns of cold San Pedro Nexapa and Amecameca, State of Mexico, populations are located in the foothills of the volcano.

“Continuation of this predominant direction of winds is possible slight drop of cold ashes in Mexico City in the coming hours,” he said.

The Sinaproc said tonight continue the exhalations of steam and gas, with minor amounts of ash, which are “probably from the table, ie by water infiltration from the recent rains in the area.”

Reliance said that this behavior is within the scenarios with moderate exhalations, ash emissions, low-level sporadic explosions and the possibility of a “broadcast of incandescent fragments at close range and slight glow in the crater of the volcano at night observable “.

He clarified that this activity of Popocatepetl not involve a change in the volcanic alert remains at yellow stage 2, level access is a constraint within a radius of 12 kilometers and a controlled pace between two populations on both sides of the volcano.

He indicated that the management of Civil Protection has informed the airport authorities in Mexico City to take preventive measures for air navigation.

He noted that maintaining a constant watch on the volcano to detect any change in behavior that raises the level of risk.

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