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Popocatepetl Volcano Raising Concerns in Mexico

April 17, 2012 Comments off

A plume of steam rises from the Popocatepetl volcano seen from the city of Puebla, Mexico, Saturday April 14, 2012. An early-morning exhalation from the volcano sent ashes to towns near the area as moderate activity at the volcano continues. (AP Photo/Joel Merino)

A volcano within view of Mexico City has begun to erupt.

Steam, smoke and hot fragments of rock began to be ejected from Popocatepetl this past weekend.

The Volcano is located about 50 miles southeast of Mexico’s capital, Mexico City. The metropolitan area of Mexico City is home to approximately 21 million people.

According to Reuters, Mexico’s National Center for Disaster Prevention this week raised the alert level to three on a scale from one to seven, with seven being the greatest threat.

The volcano has had a long history of frequent minor to moderate eruptions.

In 2000, thousands of residents surrounding the nearly 18,000-foot mountain were forced to evacuate. Popocatepetl is North America’s second highest volcano.

Eruptions have occurred in November and June of 2011.

According to, Popocatepetl was dormant during the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Mexico authorities were recommending limiting Read more…

Popocatepetl volcano releases steam exhalations of a mile high

August 31, 2011 Comments off

Agencia EFE  Translated

ElMexico, 30 ago (EFE) .- The Popocatepetl volcano threw four breaths now “moderate” steam, gas and ash that reached a mile high, so it provides the possibility of a “slight drop of cold ash” in City Mexico, officials said.

The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) said in a statement yesterday Popocatepetl an increase in activity, which consisted of a greater number of low-intensity exhalations accompanied by steam, gas and small amounts of ash.

He added that this day there were four major exhalations which were Read more…