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Climate change to worsen childhood asthma

September 1, 2011
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Climate change ‘to worsen childhood asthma in future’ (Thinkstock photos/Getty images)
Climate change may trigger a surge in asthma-related health problems in children and more emergency room (ER) visits in the next decade, according to a new study.Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers found that the changing levels of ozone could lead to a 7.3 percent increase in asthma-related emergency room visits by children, ages 0-17.Lead researcher Perry Sheffield, MD, Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine, and her colleagues used regional and atmospheric chemistry models to reach its calculations.

“Our study shows that these assessment models are an effective way of evaluating the long-term impact of global climate change on a local level,” said Dr. Sheffield.

“This study is a jumping off point to evaluate other outcomes including cost utilization, doctors’ visits, missed school days, and a general understanding of the overall burden of climate change on children with asthma,” she added.

Dr. Sheffield and her team concluded that better measures to reduce carbon pollution that contributes to global climate change should be implemented.

The results are published in the current issue of the American journal of Preventive Medicine .

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