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Unexplained Object Near Sun Appears To Be Heading Towards Earth

January 9, 2012


Please view this video full screen so that you can see what I am pointing out. Here is visual proof that there is something in front of our sun between us and it. Everyday it is getting closer and now you can actually see there is seven or more objects orbiting the larger dwarf star.

Nibiru, Planet X, Melancholia, whatever the hell you wanna call it….IT”S OUT THERE! There is no denying this any longer. To do so would be admitting ignorance. We are being lied to in order to put resources and money towards those who REALLY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON (breakaway civilizations, secret space programs).

I’m sick of all the people calling this  ‘conspiracy theories’ !!  When there are such things as D.U.M.Bs, and people claiming we’ve been to Mars for about 30 years now…you have to start asking…Would the Government actually LIE??? Hmmmm…

Our ancestors would not have gone to great lengths to tell us this information had it not been true!!! Pole shifts, cosmic collisions, it is all a part of our history. PICK UP A BOOK< its a good place to start! Anything on the internet can be doctored…think Fahrenheit 451 and why some might want to burn books of knowledge…

Together we will figure out the Truth between the lies.

*10th Planet, Sumerians (not saying Sitchin was right, he should get credit for at least starting the idea that has led to people researching it..)

*2012, Mayans (They knew something…and they tried to tell us in Stone…sometthing that can withstand Quakes, Time, flooding, etc. The knowledge was worth preserving apparently…

Galactic Alignment, S. Seymore Hedke (The Universe is cyclical in Nature…things always repeat themselves. So we should have the clues to our future based on the past… Susan does a great job of plotting alignments, crossings, etc)

For those interested in more, please visit my website ApparentlyApparel.com and let’s start a coversation on the FORUM.


  1. michael carr
    December 11, 2012 at 3:24 am

    I find these celestial or astronomical events facinating to say the least.i suppose its inevitable that sooner or later some stray asteroid,rogue planet,nibiru (planet X) whatever you want to call it will no doubt cause or create some major disruption to our blue planet,maybe even wipe us all out,who knows? Its interesting to hear that many people who feel certain that some catastrophy will occurr to our planet seem to believe that the govenments around the world know about it,have secretly prepared for it constructing enormous under ground safe houses for all the important people i guess? as for us that are left to die,well sooner or later we all have to die and there is nothing we can do about it.We are then left with those who believe we may be saved from alien beings apparently also on their way to earth,fascinating.! with all the hype on the web these days i have to say even i find some of the stories believable and i applaud those who trully believe something will happen whether on the 21/12/2012 or after,it seems we are due or over due something,in the mean time live for today and lets only worry if the truth is eventually told to us.Merry christmas to all around the world.MICHAEL CARR.

  2. Person
    November 20, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Bud, if this were true, we’d see it in the sky by now.

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