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Coming to America soon “Biometric ID And The Coming Cashless Society

January 20, 2012

National ID cards which contain your biometric information are currently being given to all of India’s 1.2 billion residents! This is an unprecedented advancement towards a big brother styled government who tracks and traces everything you do. As these Orwellion developments continue let’s fight it at every step of the way by refusing to play along. When it comes to handing over biometric information for a National ID Card global non compliance is key. Just say no to National ID!

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We already do have chips here in America, what is not acceptable is implanting them with humans, especially with out knowledge and it could very easily be done. Your baby could have one and you would never ever know it.

Using these for ID purposes or if you kid get lost isn’t such a brainy way to excuse the fact that you have now allowed your every breathing moment to be monitored by people you don’t even know, who could be crooked, could be perverts, ( like tea), you will have people making fun of your private parts just like TSA.  So if this has already happened in the TSA what makes this totally impossible to be implemented right here in America as mentioned earlier.

Earlier I said we have them here already and we do to an extent.  We have them in our pets incase they get lost.  Not , to much personal or private information to be given there, not much privacy to be given out. Think again after watching this and see how you might feel differently after watching this, when eventually the Government will want to step deeper into your personal body are you really, really going to be ok with that?

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