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China, Russia pledge closer security ties ahead of BRICS meet

January 9, 2013


Beijing, Jan 9:

Ahead of the key BRICS security meet in New Delhi tomorrow, China and Russia today pledged to deepen security cooperation and make new contributions to their comprehensive strategic partnership.

China’s State Councilor Dai Bingguo, who would be attending the two-day BRICS senior representatives on security issues, held talks with Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev here.

They held in-depth discussions on China-Russia relations, as well as the current international and regional situation, according a statement issued for the 8th China-Russia strategic security consultation.

“Both countries should maintain frequent high-level interactions and deepen pragmatic cooperation,” the statement said, according to state-run Xinhua news agency.

The two sides pledged to support each other’s efforts to pursue development in accordance with respective domestic situations and to properly handle domestic affairs. Both sides will support each other’s efforts to safeguard sovereignty, security and development interests, the report said.

Both countries should strengthen strategic coordination on major international and regional issues, uphold the principles of equity and justice, safeguard mutual interests and maintain close communication, coordination and cooperation, it said.

Both sides also pledged to further improve the China-Russia strategic security consultation mechanism and make new contributions to the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, the report said.

BRICS security officials meeting would focus on security implications of the global financial and economic crisis.

The BRICS nations refer to Brazil, Russia India, China and South Africa. The grouping accounts for almost half of the world’s population.

Dai is also China’s longest-serving chief negotiator for the vexed boundary dispute with India.

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