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Volcanic activity world-wide 11 January 2013: new activity at Etna and Stromboli, explosion from Kizimen, elevated activity at Santiaguito

January 12, 2013


Plosky Tolbachnik Volcano Russia

The Plosky Tolbachnik volcano has erupted for the first time since the 1970s in Russia’s Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula.

Activity continues to be elevated. Last night, the eastern lava over flow was weakly active at the outer flank of the NE cone. Strong glow over the summit, despite partially dense cloud cover, indicates that the magma column inside is high and ready to produce more lava flows.
Etna volcano: Weak strombolian activity and a small intra-crater lava flow inside Bocca Nuova’s eastern pit could be seen on a webcam image this night. Tremor remains elevated.

Plosky Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka continues to erupt fluid lava flows with no signs of the eruption ending soon.
Slow effusive activity and a thermal anomaly visible on satellite images continue also at nearby Bezymianny although Tolbachik’s seismic signal obscures the one from Bezymianny.
Weak intermittent explosive activity continues at Karymsky (Kamchatka).
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka) continues to have strombolian activity in its summit crater.
Shiveluch (Kamchatka): effusive and explosive activity from the growing dome continue at moderate levels.
Kizimen (Kamchatka): An explosion this morning produced an ash plume rising to more than 17,000 ft (5.2 km) altitude, the Tokyo VAAC reported.
Gorely (Kamchatka): Moderate seismic activity continues to be registered and moderate gas-steam activity was observing on January 05-06 and 08

Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): the rate of emissions remains low at about 1 per hour. At 01:22 on 10 Jan, a stronger explosion occurred throwing incandescent fragments to a distance of 1 km from the crater.

In Guatemala, Fuego volcano continues with low-level strombolian activity and the slow effusion of a lava flow on the upper SW flank, currently about 600 m long.
Santiaguito has been more active recently, with 4 lava flows from the lava dome and some stronger explosions with ash plumes rising up to about 800 m and occasional small pyroclastic flows.

San Cristobal (Nicaragua): The volcano continues to show a high level of internal unrest with periods of intensified volcanic tremor within a background of continuous low-level tremor.
Masaya (Nicaragua): The volcano continues to have an elevated level of volcanic tremor.

San Miguel (El Salvador): Phases of continuous volcanic tremor appear at the volcano with the addition of some small earthquakes.

Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia had a brief ash emission on 9 Jan.
Galeras (Colombia) continues to have intermittent weak ash emissions and elevated seismic activity.
Nevado del Huila (Colombia): Steaming and weak seismic unrest continue with little changes over the past months.
Cerro Machin, Sotará and Cumbal continue to show weakly elevated seismic activity, but there have not been any signs of surface activity.

Reventador (Ecuador): Seismicity continues to be elevated including some tremor pulses and occasional explosion signals.
Tungurahua (Ecuador): Over the past week, the volcano has continued to calmed down a lot, but remains active. IG reports weak ash emissions and light ash fall in Choglontus and El Manzano on 10 Jan. Seismic activity is characterized by weak volcanic tremor pulses and some few volcanic earthquakes.

Kilauea (Hawai’i): Some earthquakes have occurred on the eastern rift zone. Lava flows remain active on the coastal flat and there are 2 weak ocean entries.

Erta Ale (Ethiopia): People on a recent expedition to Erta Ale reported that the lava lake was quite active and only about 10 m below the rim of the pit crater. Intermittent lava flows from an active hornito in the south pit crater have continued to fill its crater floor.

Ambrym (Vanuatu): A SO2 plume is hovering over Ambrym today, indicating that the lava lakes are still active.

White Island (New Zealand): Weak tremor remains present at White Island. Two shallow earthquakes of magnitudes 2.6 and 2.5 occurred earlier today at 5 and 6 km depth under the southern part of the volcano.
Tongariro (New Zealand): Some local earthquakes are visible at the recent seismic recording.

Sakurajima (Japan): The volcano continues to produce small to moderate explosions at relatively high frequency of 3-4 per day. Ash plumes have been in the range of 6-9,000 ft (1.8-2.7 km).

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