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Nationwide ammo shortage so severe that even cops can’t buy bullets

January 17, 2013


ammo(NaturalNews) One of the great myths of modern society is that the police are heavily armed and have both ammo and personnel in huge numbers. In reality, it’s quite the opposite: police and sheriffs are dangerously under-staffed all across the country in nearly every city and town. Furthermore, severe budget cuts have left law enforcement with dwindling ammunition supplies. In some departments, it’s so bad that nearly the only ammo available is what officers are carrying on their duty belts.

And now it has just gotten far worse.

Thanks to outrageous Sandy Hook fear mongering by the mainstream media and political operatives like Feinstein, Obama, Cuomo and others, the American people have been rushing out to buy up every bullet, every rifle, every handgun and very nearly every gun-related product in the country. This is all because people like Biden, Obama and Feinstein are openly declaring war on the Second Amendment and threatening to outlaw or restrict firearms, magazines and ammunition.

“Channel 2 Action News has learned local police departments cannot get their hands on the ammunition they need,” reports WSBTV in Atlanta.

WSBTV continues:

“There’s been more demand for ammunition than there’s ever been,” reports Jay Wallace, owner of Smyrna Police Distributors in Cobb County. Wallace is now worried some departments could have to wait up to a year for factories to ship certain kinds of rounds in bulk. Leaders with most [police] departments … said they’re prepared to handle short shortages, but not long-term. “We’re going be starting to get very concerned at the six-month level if that’s all we have in stock, because then we have to start planning and rationing.

Rationing? Yep. It’s here already, and the global debt collapse hasn’t even begun yet!

Ammunition inventory status

The mass rush by citizens to purchase ammunition ahead of an Obama / Biden unconstitutional (and unlawful) executive order banning such sales has resulted in the near-depletion of available ammunition as follows:

• Rifle rounds are completely gone everywhere.
• Shotgun shells are somewhat more available but still limited.
• Handgun rounds are limited and becoming difficult to find.
• 22LR rounds are completely gone. Lesser-known varmint rounds such as .17 HMR are still available.

The backlog of ammunition demand now exceeds one year. The backlog demand for rifle magazines now exceeds one million units. The demand for rifles themselves has reached record levels, with a one-year backlog on production just to meet present-day demand.

Here are some of the messages you’ll see across the internet right now at online retailers’ websites:

Cheaper Than Dirt:
Consumer reaction to the political rhetoric after the shooting in CT caused a rush of online orders at Cheaper Than Dirt! which led to the largest backlog in the company’s history. Ammunition and shooting accessories orders more than tripled, resulting in week-long shipping delays. The past three weeks have been spent catching up on the tremendous backlog of orders, training additional staff and increasing inventory back to acceptable levels. …firearms that are in high demand are not currently available from manufacturers due to the lack of inventory. This includes most modern sporting rifles.

Ammo To Go
EXPECT DELAYS: Due to high order volume, we are experiencing a shipping delay of 22-24 business days…

Midway USA
ALL AR-15 magazines currently showing “out of stock, NO backorder.”

Due to extreme order volumes, shipments may be delayed. We will continue to make every effort to get orders out the door as quickly as possible.

Why this matters: Social unrest

Here’s why all this matters. In a time of social unrest, cops are your best friends. Without cops on the streets, every major U.S. city would devolve into a gang-infested crap-hole within 72 hours or less. Cops are the men and women in blue who prevent the more malicious members of the human race from expressing the kind of evil sons of bitches they really are deep inside.

If you think humanity is “inherently GOOD,” you’ve never been a cop! Ask any cop and they’ll tell you the far less fashionable truth: People are inherently EVIL, selfish, deceptive and dangerous. That’s why we need cops in the first place, isn’t it? To keep some criminal-minded dirtbag from breaking into your home, stealing your jewelry and raping your dog. (Or whatever it is they do.)

Cops get a bad rap in peace time, of course, but in a collapse scenario — or something worse — you’ll be begging for 911 to function so you can dial a phone and have (relatively) friendly men with guns arrive at your doorstep.

Society needs cops to prevent criminals from running rampant across neighborhoods and pillaging to their heart’s delight. Or, better yet, society needs every household to own a rifle, a shotgun and a handgun for their own defense, but unfortunately that’s not yet the case in America. (Although it nearly is in Switzerland.)

So what happens when cops run out of bullets?

It’s not good. Not unless you’re a gang member just waiting to commit mayhem all over town.

If gang bangers ever figure out that the cops are out of bullets, it will be all-out war in many U.S. cities, including Miami, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia and NYC. A disarmed police force is no police force at all, since it’s only really the threat of high-velocity lead that actually stops bad people from doing bad things. (Criminals don’t care if you ask nice. They are only motivated by their own survival.)

It also means that the feds will have a strong ammunition advantage over local cops and sheriffs, since the U.S. federal government has been stockpiling 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition domestically, right here in the United States.

Why does this matter? Here’s why:

Will states resist a federal gun grab?

Think about where all this is headed, folks: Wyoming lawmakers have already announced their “Firearms Protection Act” which would make it a felony crime for feds to restrict or confiscate guns from the citizens of Wyoming. It reads as follows:

Any official, agent or employee of the United States government who enforces or attempts to enforce any act, order, law, statute, rule or regulation of the United States government upon a personal firearm, a firearm accessory or ammunition that is owned or manufactured… in Wyoming… shall be guilty of a FELONY and, upon conviction, shall be subject to imprisonment for not less than one year…

Yeah, I didn’t make that up. Wyoming folks are serious about their rifles and their ammo… as are folks in Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Maine and practically every rural area across the country. It’s very likely that Texas, Arizona and other states may follow Wyoming’s example and seek to criminalize federal gun grabbers.

If Obama’s gun control schemes turn out to be foolishly aggressive, this could set off a state’s rights showdown between the feds and local law enforcement. But if the feds have all the ammo, where will state peace officers find ammunition to defend the people of their state?

The answer is YOU. It will ultimately be YOUR ammo that will be needed to defend states against an anti-America, anti-Constitution federal tyranny that attempts to invade and overrun states. The People, of course, have always been the common defense against tyranny. In the Constitution, this is referred to as the militia.

Hopefully it won’t get that bad and cooler heads will prevail, but given where things appear to be headed, all this could become very relevant more quickly than you think. It’s a good thing the citizens of America purchase over 1 billion rounds of ammo in the last month, as they may very well become the source of ammo for a common defense against domestic enemies of America.

Rifle inventory update

Here’s the latest info in terms of rifle manufactures:

Noveske Rifleworks = SOLD OUT
Rock River Arms = SOLD OUT
Bushmaster = SOLD OUT
Barrett = SOLD OUT
… and on and on.

Buds Gun Shop is in a state of such total disarray that they actually cashed my check for a firearm they allowed me to “purchase” on their website, then they called me back days later and said they actually DIDN’T have the firearm after all because they had made a “mistake,” and they had to issue me a refund check. This managed to tie up my funds for a couple of weeks during which all the other available rifles disappeared off store shelves. (Thanks a lot, Buds, for making me miss out on probably the last rifle purchase I’ll be able to make until 2014…)

Seeing the opportunity to profit from the supply and demand, Buds is now running real-time auctions on firearms, live on their website. A Bushmaster 223 rifle that used to sell for $800 or so is now fetching $2,900 in the auction. Yep, your existing inventory of rifles just TRIPLED in value. Hmmm… now I think I know where my missing rifle actually went…

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