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Tectonic Plates moving Again: Will South America split away from Central America?

March 6, 2013


Earthquakes South AmericaEarthquakes heralding the Collapsing of the Nazca and the Cocos Plates along the Western Coastline of South America

One of the expectations of Earth Change researchers is that with the evidence of the folding of the tectonic plates under the Pacific Ocean and the collapsing or subduction of the Western Regions of the Ring of fire in the Far East, that these collapsing plates will eventually pull the Northern Regions of South America to the west into the Pacific Ocean and tear away South America from Central America.

Recently it was noticed that the buoys along the Cocos and the Nazca Plates were deactivated. At the same time the earthquakes along the eastern regions of those same plates that were jutting up against South America along the Andes, from the tip of South America upwards to Peru were increasing exponentially. 

As the South American coastline is being pulled over the Nazca Plate, what has been called the “South American Roll” has been activating earthquakes that would have been noticed by the buoys rising or collapsing with the rolling earthquakes are now silent. It would be expected that the officials in charge of the buoys deployment and activation would hesitate to let the southern continent know about the devastation that will soon come their way. 

Southern South American Andes
The Scenic and Majestic South Andes Mountain Range

The stressor points along the coastline leading up to the beautiful and majestic Southern Andes Mountains will soon become the focal point as the Northern Andes Range will slide over the Nazca Plate. This is put significant stress upon the tectonic plate under the Southern Andes. As the northern sectors of South America are pulled to the west, some researchers now speculate that the main stress point will be along the bowed region along the Pacific coastline of South America. 

What is believed is that the Southern tip of South America is anchored and a pivoting point where the Antarctic Plate abuts up against the Southern Andes.  With the solid continental plate of the Antarctica refusing to yield to any compression, the Northern regions of South America appear will be pulled westward upwards to 200 miles into the Pacific Ocean region.

Earthquake Columbia
The Earthquake at the Narino Region to the Southwest of Bogata, Columbia

The evidence of such cataclysmic changes in our earth’s continental plates was highlighted in an earthquake on February 6, 2013 in Santa Cruz that was following a few days later by a much larger 7.0 earthquake in southwestern Columbia in the province of Narino.  It was felt 240 miles away in the Columbian capital of Bogata, Columbia. Hours later a string of quakes raced up and down the mountainous spine of the Andes. This triggered a second series of quakes on the eastern edge of the South American Plate, where it buts up against the Atlantic Rift and a third series of quakes along the Northern South American regions where the edge of the continental plate joins together with the Caribbean Plate.

With the searing of South America from Central America, the once-greatest engineering feat in the world, the Panama Canal with be torn asunder.  It will be essentially useless anyway as a waterway from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean will be created as the Americas will no longer be united. 

Caribbean Land Bridge
The Ancient Land Bridge from Florida to South America

These catastrophic tectonic changes will crumble the “Switzerland of the Americas” as Costa Rica; a recent mountainous upheaval will collapse and crumble. Nearby the once ancient land bridge from Florida to South America will sink in a new subduction zone, and the island nations of the Caribbean Ocean may cease to exist. As Destination Yisra’el wrote in the blog titled, “Remodeling Planet Earth in Preparation for the Return of All Israel.”

Destination Yisra’el – “The former land bridge from Florida to South America that once provided a direct land mass or land bridge from North America to South America, in ancient years, is now a multitude of island paradises for travelers. Soon they may be no more as the islands may sink and disappear into the sea trenches below. Then we will begin to witness:

The Southern Mid- Atlantic Rift is projected to begin separating, as it tears and rips apart. With the ripping of the Southern Mid-Atlantic Rift, the Atlantic Ocean will rapidly plunge into the ensuing chasms creating a tsunami that may encircle the South Atlantic regions; the western coastline of Africa to the east and the eastern coastline of South America to the west. Déjà Vu Christmas 2004 when almost 250,000 people perished on the coastlines of the nations surrounding the Indian Ocean as the Sumatra-Indian Ocean Tsunami awakened the world to a new devastating awareness of our fragile lives on Planet Earth.

Sumatra-Indonesian Tsunami
Christmas 2004 Indian Ocean-Indonesian Tsunami

As the Continent of Africa rolls and Planet Earth reels under possibly a global earthquake, the populations of the world may soon rivet their attention again towards the Mediterranean region of the world. The Mediterranean Sea in the days of the antediluvians was known as the Valley or the Veil of the River of Styx. In the depths of the Sea are over 300 megalithic sites of ancient cities submerged within its waters; a testimony of the antediluvian world in the days of Noah.

Once again the tectonic plates may again shift, collapse in part as the volcanoes on the Italia peninsula and the Island of Thera may once again erupt with its fullest fury as it may have done at the time of the Biblical Exodus.

It is believed that the floor of the Mediterranean may sink and reestablish a new tectonic bottom. The Mediterranean’s antipode site on the opposite side of the world from the Italian Volcano Pelea is the famous and feared San Andreas Fault famous for destroying San Francisco in the year of 1906. It will become more unstable heralding the “Big One” for California’s projected new island kingdom separated from North America by an inland sea.

If the Mediterranean Sea does collapse, once again the waters will rush into the center of the Sea, clashing as it creates a Great Tsunami that will bring judgment upon the port cities of Turkey and Syria’s Damascus, plus Hezbollah’s Lebanon’s capital at Beirut, and her port cities of Tyre and Sidon, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s bastion at Gaza.

It will also wreck havoc to Tel Aviv and the secular Jewish coastline of Israel, as the Mediterranean Sea’s “water will ebb from the sea, as the Great Tsunami will crash upon Egypt’s coastal waters to the south to Turkey and Istanbul to the north.

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