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Kaspersky predicts big increase in malware attacks on mobile internet devices

May 23, 2011 Comments off


kaspersky internet securityInternet security company and maker of antivirus software Kaspersky is warning that the total volume of malware attacks on mobile internet devices will at least double. “After analyzing vast numbers of IT threats during the first quarter of 2011, Kaspersky Lab’s experts identified a number of important trends,” said the company in a statement.

“The recent explosive growth in the popularity of the Android mobile platform was not missed by the cybercriminals. Based on the number of new mobile malware signatures detected during this period, Kaspersky Lab’s experts strongly believe that the total volume of mobile malware in 2011 will be at least double that of 2010.”

Kaspersky says that the growth will be driven in part by Read more…

Four Cyber Threats for 2011

January 19, 2011 Comments off

Internet Superweapons to Facebook Crimes, Security Experts Predict New Web Attacks

In late 2010, a new kind of computer worm attacked an Iranian nuclear facility and so altered the course of cyber warfare that the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs marked the attack as the beginning of a new era: The Age of Stuxnet.


And while the Stuxnet worm may be the most identifiable, ominous new threat to cyber security as the new year begins, security experts have predicted 2011 will also be a year of dynamic shifts in online threats in other areas, including social media and political “hacktivism.”

Here are the top four security concerns that cyber experts see coming over the digital horizon:


Cyber War’s Newest Superweapon: Stuxnet and Copycats

Stuxnet was first discovered in July 2010 by a security firm in Belarus, but didn’t make global headlines until months later when Iranian state media announced the Middle East nation had been the target of a coordinated attack.

The worm was “the first of its kind, written to specifically target mission-critical control systems running a specific combination of software and hardware,” a Department of Homeland Security official told ABC News.

But experts said the worm is not limited to any single type of target and can be altered to attack several key components of any nation’s infrastructure, from electricity grids to oil rigs.

“The idea that a piece of malicious code can target physical systems and create real-world impacts is something that’s been speculated in the industry for quite some time and certainly was largely understood to be possible. Stuxnet was the first widespread implementation of that kind of attack,” Ben Greenbaum, senior research manager for cyber security firm Symantec, told ABC News.

Symantec’s number one prediction for 2011 was increased cyber attacks on critical infrastructures just like the nuclear facility in Iran, and Stuxnet is only the beginning. Read more…