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St. Joseph takes lunchtime high tech

August 18, 2011 Comments off


Drake Aymond reaches out to use a palm scanner that relays information to the cafeteria computer at St. Joseph Catholic School. The new system provides a secure way to keep track of lunch balances, decreases the amount of time in lunch lines and provides security for each student’s account. / Jim Hudelson/The Times

Students at St. Joseph Catholic School are moving through the lunch line faster than ever thanks to biometric hand scanners.

The school, which houses more than 500 prekindergarten through eighth-grade students, this week began using new palm scanners in its cafeteria as a means for students to purchase lunch. The scanner creates an image of the student’s palm and relays that information to a database where the student’s account information is stored.

With the scan of a palm, the scanner is able to show medical and allergy information, as well as keep a running account balance that can notify parents when it becomes low.

Previously, the school used lunch identification numbers for students, but Principal Susan Belanger said the new technology makes lunchtime seamless.

“This technology not only expedites Read more…

An Onslaught of Biometrics?

June 24, 2011 Comments off


Yes­ter­day, I was stand­ing in a check­out line at the gro­cery store sur­rounded by the usual items — a wide selec­tion of can­dies, celebrity mag­a­zines, and diet tips. Of course, one of the mag­a­zines was adver­tis­ing a com­bi­na­tion of two themes: a celebrity diet. I’ve always found these diets incred­i­bly silly, not because the advice is nec­es­sar­ily bad, but because the whole mat­ter of eco­nomic incen­tives is left out of the equation.

Celebri­ties don’t stay in shape thanks to spe­cial tech­niques or a superb per­sonal trainer. Rather, the profit motive does most of the work. In order to con­tinue mak­ing mil­lions every year, celebri­ties must stay incred­i­bly fit. If each of our read­ers were offered a mil­lion dol­lars per year to stay in shape, we’d all see the pounds falling off rapidly. The aver­age per­son sim­ply doesn’t have the same incen­tives as actors and actresses. Most Hol­ly­wood denizens don’t stay fit because of fab­u­lous diets — they have a very pow­er­ful mon­e­tary incen­tive that keeps them on those diets. The rest of us can cheat; we don’t have a movie shoot com­ing up in a few months.

But isn’t health and a long life enough of an incen­tive? Yes and no. As a doc­tor friend of Read more…